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IPG Expands Print-On-Demand Services

The Widest Network of POD Solutions of any Distributor

Chicago, IL – Independent Publishers Group (IPG), the oldest and second largest book distributor in the US, has added Bookmasters to its print-on-demand (POD) network, which includes Ingram’s Lightning Source and Amazon’s Createspace and makes IPG the first distributor to work with every major POD solution in the market. IPG has also deepened its relationship with Edwards Brothers Malloy by constructing an on-site digital print facility that is part of the Ann Arbor printer’s POD network. The 17,000 square foot facility, located in IPG’s Chicago distribution center, is up-and-running for black & white paperback print jobs, with full color and case bound capabilities planned for later this year.

The focus on POD is a reaction to marketplace demands for availability. “Publishers can no longer wait and collect backorders while they plan their next print run,” states IPG CEO Joe Matthews, “Now, gaps in availability will permanently reduce the velocity of a title.” IPG’s strategy is to print closest to the customer, eliminating transportation costs and increasing speed to the consumer. “We are uniquely neutral in the world of digital printing,” Matthews continues, “and ready to work with any partner who can guarantee availability of our titles to their customers through digital print technology.”

Using Bookmasters, the digital print provider for Baker & Taylor, IPG publishers will reduce bottom-line publishing costs on books sold to the world’s largest library wholesaler of books and media products. Enrolled titles are always displayed as “in-stock” and the program aims to reduce returns and improve availability to end customers. Elizabeth Scarpelli, Director of Publisher Services at Baker & Taylor, states, “We are excited that IPG publishers can reduce obsolescence, wring costs out of the supply chain and consolidate workflows easily with great printing at Bookmasters.”

John Edwards, President and CEO of Edwards Brothers Malloy, notes, “We can offer IPG clients a greater variety of stocks and trim sizes than they can’t get elsewhere plus the savings and efficiency of printing where orders are fulfilled. It’s an ideal solution for helping IPG clients lower their inventory costs and improve cash flow.” Clark Matthews, IPG’s VP of Digital Distribution, concludes, “It may be counter-intuitive, but enrolling titles in POD actually increases offset print runs. We have the data to prove it.”

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