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The Heart of Pope Francis outlines the leader's vision of change for the Catholic Church and the world

The Heart of Pope Francis
  The Heart of Pope Francis 
The Crossroad Publishing Comopany
9780824520748 (Cloth)
Price: $14.95  


A presentation of what lies at the heart of Pope Francis' pontificate, written by his friend and fellow Jesuit At the heart of Pope Francis' vision lies a keen interest in people, and a passion for understanding the life experience of others. This book by a longtime friend of the Pope clarifies the underlying thoughts and choices Jorge Bergoglio has made throughout his life in developing a culture of encounter that he now proposes as the basis for the rebirth of the whole church, and the world. This little book is essential reading for anyone wanting to contribute to renewal in the Catholic Church.


The Heart of Pope Francis is published by The Crossroad Publishing Company and distributed by IPG.

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