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Eat ethically this summer with Microcosm Publishing

Think! Eat! Act!

Think! Eat! Act!
Microcosm Publishing; 9781621066668
   Price: $19.95 

Just in time for summer cookouts, Raffaella Tolicetti's Think! Eat! Act! offers delicious and creative vegan recipes. Tolicetti has participated as chief cook in campaigns for the anti-whaling Sea Shepherd Conservation Society since 2010. She says, in an essay on Our Hen House, "My mantra had always been that revolution begins in the kitchen, and so somehow it just felt natural to bring my activism to the galley of the Steve Irwin."  From Italian and Spanish dishes to French, Asian, and more, the recipes are not only great tasting but also driven and inspired by living compassionately. In addition to recipes, the book also provides information about current vegan activist campaigns going on around the world. Tolicetti says of the book, "I felt it was my turn to inspire other people and share all I had learned from my time in the galley. That’s what led me to write a vegan cookbook that doubles as a tribute to activism." The cookbook's seaside flavor and emphasis on environmentally-conscious eating make it a great choice for summer culinary adventures.

This Ain't No Picnic

This Ain't No Picnic
Microcosm Publishing; 9780977055753
   Price: $19.95 


Another summer cookbook from Microcosm Publishing, This Ain't No Picnic, offers up punk rock vegan dishes with tongue firmly in cheek. Featuring creative and delicious recipes that match the quality and presentation of a five-star restaurant with self-parody and humor about punk rock culture and history, this cookbook is unlike any other. While exploring the favorite foods of historic punk rockers through exclusive interviews, it treats readers to the delectables punk rockers could have—and perhaps should have—been eating instead. A reviewer on writes, "It’s not about dogma or even dog collars, it’s about making delicious vegan food on the cheap with limited access to things like stoves, ovens, freezers, fridges and other appliances generally associated with cooking." With humor and creativity, This Ain't No Picnic blends vegan and punk rock cultures into one delicious concoction.

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