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World Council of Churches

World Council of Churches

WCC Publications is the book publishing programme of the World Council of Churches. It facilitates global Christianity’s “alternative voice” and enhances the larger visibility and cultural presence of the ecumenical movement.

WCCP publishes 12 - 15 commercial titles per year, works that specifically engage religious and social issues confronting world Christianity, inform and encourage the ecumenical movement, and provide resources for research on ecumenical history and theology.

  • Religious trade books: Voices from around the world, in theology, social justice and spirituality for the general public and people in the churches
  • Academic works: Books on substantive issues – religious and theological, ethical, geopolitical – facing world Christianity
  • Anthologies, textbooks, and reference works: Indispensable resources for understanding the ecumenical movement, both historically and now
  • Convergence documents: Landmark publications for the world church reflecting strong convergence among the churches – even those outside the WCC 


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Titles Found: 347
A Cloud of Witnesses
A Cloud of Witnesses >
By Tamara Grdzelidze

ISBN 9782825415337

Price 29.00

Trade Paper

A History of the Ecumenical Movement
A History of the Ecumenical Movement >
By John Briggs

ISBN 9782825413555

Price 45.00

Trade Paper

A History of the Ecumenical Movement
A History of the Ecumenical Movement >
By Ruth Rouse

ISBN 9782825408711

Price 48.00

Trade Paper

A Laboratory for Ecumenical Life
A Laboratory for Ecumenical Life >
By Hans-Ruedi Weber

ISBN 9782825412152

Price 12.95

Trade Paper

A Letter from Christ to the World
A Letter from Christ to the World >
By Nicholas Apostola

ISBN 9782825412800

Price 15.95

Trade Paper

A Long Struggle
A Long Struggle >
By Pauline Webb

ISBN 9782825411353

Price 11.50

Trade Paper

A Peaceable Economy
A Peaceable Economy >
By Edward Dommen

ISBN 9782825416396

Price 7.00

Trade Paper

A Treasure in Earthern Vessels
A Treasure in Earthern Vessels >
By World Council of Churches World Council of Churches

ISBN 9782825413036

Price 5.50

Trade Paper

A World with a Human Face
A World with a Human Face >
By Njongonkulu Ndungane

ISBN 9782825413760

Price 19.00

Trade Paper

Abundant Life
Abundant Life >
By Ezra Chitando

ISBN 9782825416747

Price 20.00

Trade Paper

Africa's Broken Heart
Africa's Broken Heart >
By Hugh McCullum

ISBN 9782825415061

Price 13.00

Trade Paper

AIDS - Meeting the Challenge
AIDS - Meeting the Challenge >
By Sonja Weinreich

ISBN 9782825413517

Price 14.90

Trade Paper

Aotearoa New Zealand
Aotearoa New Zealand >
By Allan K. Davidson

ISBN 9782825412053

Price 5.50

Trade Paper

Apostolic Faith Today
Apostolic Faith Today >
By Hans-Georg Link

ISBN 9782825408278

Price 18.95

Trade Paper

At Home with God and in the World
At Home with God and in the World >
By Philip A. Potter

ISBN 9782825415658

Price 29.00

Trade Paper

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