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Unisa Press

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'we remember differently'
'we remember differently' >
Edited by Jyoti Mistry, Edited by Jordache A Ellapen

ISBN 9781868886937

Price 29.00

Mixed Media Product

(De) Monopolising Paradise
(De) Monopolising Paradise >
Edited by Sultan Khan, Edited by Lubna Nadvi

ISBN 9781868886944

Price 24.00

Trade Paper

50 Years of the Freedom Charter
50 Years of the Freedom Charter >
Edited by Raymond Suttner, Edited by Jeremy Cronin

ISBN 9781868883752

Price 38.00

Trade Paper

80:20 >
Edited by Colm Regan

ISBN 9780956718549

Price 25.00

Trade Paper

Above the Skyline
Above the Skyline >
By Graeme Reid

ISBN 9781868885541

Price 30.00

Trade Paper

Africa and Her Animals
Africa and Her Animals >
Edited by Anteneh Roba, Edited by Rainer Ebert

ISBN 9781868889006

Price 39.95

Trade Paper

Africa Leads
Africa Leads >
Edited by United Nations Global Compact

ISBN 9781868884377

Price 53.90


African Initiatives in Healing Ministry
African Initiatives in Healing Ministry >
By Lilian Dube, By Tabona Shoko, By Stephen Hayes

ISBN 9781868885664

Price 32.00

Trade Paper

African Oral Story-Telling Tradition and the Zimbabwean Novel in English
African Oral Story-Telling Tradition and the Zimbabwean Novel in English >
By Maurice Vambe

ISBN 9781868883042

Price 14.95

Trade Paper

African Theology/Black Theology in South Africa
African Theology/Black Theology in South Africa >
By Mokgethi Motlhabi

ISBN 9781868884339

Price 29.00

Trade Paper

Afrikamasutra >
Translated by Ilse Carla Groenewald, Illustrated by Diek Grobler, Illustrated by Hardus Koekemoer, Illustrated by Marna Schoeman

ISBN 9781868887255

Price 38.00


Against the World
Against the World >
By Jeremy Shearar

ISBN 9781868885985

Price 37.00

Trade Paper

All Things Hold Together
All Things Hold Together >
By M L Daneel

ISBN 9781868884292

Price 40.00

Trade Paper

Along Edges
Along Edges >
By J.S. Kruger

ISBN 9780869819074

Price 22.80


Amadlelo >
By Isaac Mgcineni Malobola, By Phillip Mandla Bhuda

ISBN 9781868886708

Price 18.00

Trade Paper

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