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Transformational Diversity
Transformational Diversity

Transformational Diversity

Why and How Intercultural Competencies Can Help Organizations to Survive and Thrive


170 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $39.95 (US $39.95) (CA $44.95)

Publication Date: January 2012

ISBN 9781586442309

Rights: WOR

Society For Human Resource Mgt (Jan 2012)
Society For Human Resource Management

Price: $39.95


Both a strategy and an implementation road map of a new brand of diversity, this book focuses on developing a workplace culture that is inclusive of all employee populations and making an organization globally prepared. It seeks to fix stagnating “domestic” diversity and to revise current diversity programs through a strong infusion of cross-cultural perspective with intercultural business competencies training. This practical guide helps Human Resources (HR) leaders reenergize or revisit their work in light of pressures from increasingly diverse workforce populations, tough economic times, and the need to develop globally minded corporate cultures.


"Transformational Diversity turns the kaleidoscope to bring another way to view and address diversity in corporations. It presents an approach that focuses on inclusion rather than the more traditional differences and applies the paradigm and methodology of intercultural competency to help organizations leverage diversity as an asset. The premise of the book is that by emphasizing intercultural competencies, organizations can transform their cultures and capitalize on diversity as a business advantage. . . . Aimed at a corporate audience, their focus is a pragmatic, business-oriented one that uses corporate examples, language, and statistics to demonstrate the strategic case for inclusion, including contemporary issues such as social responsibility and downsizing/layoffs. . . .Transformational Diversity’s approach also has much relevance for organizations in other sectors of the economy such as education, health care, government and non-profit. It gives HR and Diversity professionals as well as other leaders, valuable information for strategizing about how to transform their cultures to leverage diversity for the benefit of their organizations.”  —Anita Rowe, Ph.D., partner, Gardenswartz & Rowe and Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Institute; coauthor, Managing Diversity: A Complete Desk Reference & Planning Guide

“Transformational Diversity: Why and How Intercultural Competencies Can Help Organizations to Survive and Thrive had me at the title. We all work with people who are different from us in gender, age, function, ethnicity, nationality, intellectual orientation or religious tradition. Many of us have also been involved in mergers and acquisitions that join two or more organizational cultures. We have a wealth of diverse human talent to draw upon to penetrate new markets and creatively solve problems, but how do we do so? Books like this one, a compendium of the latest thinking along with sample designs and resources, are gifts. Such compendia guide the responsible practitioner through the maze of information available on the topic, highlight for the reader what is most accurate or valuable, and ideally teach us where to turn for further learning. They help us take stock of where we are as a field, where we should be going, and the latest best practice for how to get there. This book does that in a no-nonsense, practical, and brief manner . . . This book is a rich resource, and I highly recommend it.”  —Dianne Hofner Saphiere, founder and principal, Nipporica Associates LLC; creator, the Cultural Detective® series

"Transformational Diversity is a must have for any company that does or wants to have a global workforce." —Connextions Magazine (March 2012)

Author Biography

Fiona Citkin is the managing director of Expert MS Inc., an intercultural consulting company with clients that include Bayer, Colgate Palmolive, Dewberry, DuPont, and Estee Lauder. She lives in Warren, New Jersey. Lynda Spielman is the director of diversity and inclusion at Expert MS Inc. She is also an adjunct assistant professor in intercultural education at New York University and in international human resources at the New York Institute of Technology. She lives in Flushing, New York.