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Slovart Publishing, Ltd.

Slovart Publishing, Ltd.

Slovart Publishing Ltd is an independent company founded in 1991 in Bratislava, formerly Czechoslovakia. Over the years, it has grown into a dynamic midsize company operating in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, with a list of international interests, publishing about 200 new titles yearly dedicated to art books, non-fiction, fiction, and for the last few years, publishing many books for children. The growing list on Slovak and Czech art, architecture and photography is distributed successfully all over the world.

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Titles Found: 64
Aesthetics of Popular Culture
Aesthetics of Popular Culture >
By Jozef Kovalcik, By Max Ryynänan

ISBN 9788089259861

Price 29.95

Trade Paper

Alex Mlynarcik
Alex Mlynarcik >
By Ivan Jancár

ISBN 9788089340620

Price 149.95


Anton Podstrasky 1939–2007
Anton Podstrasky 1939–2007 >
By Aurel Hrabusicky, By Miro Miklas, By Filip Vanco

ISBN 9788055608297

Price 69.95


Antonin Kratochvil, Persona
Antonin Kratochvil, Persona >
By Michael Persson

ISBN 9788072097838

Price 95.00


Architekt Dusan Samuel Jurkovic
Architekt Dusan Samuel Jurkovic >
By Dana Borutová

ISBN 9788080856656

Price 99.95


Architekt Emil Bellus
Architekt Emil Bellus >
By Matús Dulla

ISBN 9788055602936

Price 99.95


Art in Changing Times
Art in Changing Times >
By Jan Abelovský, By Katarina Bajcurová

ISBN 9788071454120

Price 100.00


August 1968
August 1968 >
By Ladislav Bielik

ISBN 9788080856045

Price 79.00


Bratislava >
By Henrieta Morancíková

ISBN 9788055604787

Price 49.00

Trade Paper

Contemporary Architecture On East Side Of Slovakia
Contemporary Architecture On East Side Of Slovakia >
By Elena Alexy, By Michal Burák, By Katrína Trnovská

ISBN 9788097154912

Price 49.95


Crematorium Bratislava
Crematorium Bratislava >
By Matúš Dulla

ISBN 9788055629858

Price 49.95


Czech Cookery
Czech Cookery >
By Lea Filipová

ISBN 9788073917883

Price 19.95


Czechia >
By Zdenek Thoma, By Sona Thomová

ISBN 9788073914912

Price 39.99

Trade Paper

Daniel Fischer
Daniel Fischer >
By Daniel Fischer

ISBN 9788081890024

Price 139.95


Dusan Kállay
Dusan Kállay >
By Ivan Jancár, By Fedor Kriska

ISBN 9788071459118

Price 140.00


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