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Appositions in selected European languages
Appositions in selected European languages >
Edited by Peter Colliander

ISBN 9788759312780

Price 22.00

Trade Paper

Artful Creation
Artful Creation >
By Lotte Darso

ISBN 9788759311097

Price 65.00

Trade Paper

Behind the Mind
Behind the Mind >
Edited by Arnt Lykke Jakobsen, Edited by Inger M. Mees, Edited by Susanne Gopferich

ISBN 9788759314623

Price 35.00

Trade Paper

Call for the Nordic languages
Call for the Nordic languages >
Edited by Peter Juel Henrichsen

ISBN 9788759311769

Price 27.00

Trade Paper

Cases on IT Leadership
Cases on IT Leadership >
Edited by Niels Bjorn Andersen

ISBN 9788759327302

Price 45.00

Trade Paper

Comparing Anaphors
Comparing Anaphors >
Edited by Iorn Korzen, Edited by Lita Lundquist

ISBN 9788759312766

Price 29.00

Trade Paper

Delivery >
By Andre Babikian

ISBN 9788759330012

Price 24.00

Trade Paper

Digital Governance://Networked Societies
Digital Governance://Networked Societies >
Edited by Hans Krause Hansen, Edited by Jens Hoff

ISBN 9788759311455

Price 34.00

Trade Paper

Eggs and Larvae of North Sea Fishes
Eggs and Larvae of North Sea Fishes >
By Peter Munk

ISBN 9788791319242

Price 83.00


First Guide to Statistical Computation R
First Guide to Statistical Computation R >
By Torben Martinussen

ISBN 9788791319563

Price 29.00

Trade Paper

How to write a good Research Paper
How to write a good Research Paper >
By Peter Haisler

ISBN 9788759315552

Price 13.00

Trade Paper

Human-Machine Interaction in Translation
Human-Machine Interaction in Translation >
Edited by B. Sharp, Edited by M. Zock, Edited by M. Carl, Edited by A. L. Jakobsen

ISBN 9788759316153

Price 37.00

Trade Paper

Interface://Culture >
Edited by Klaus Bruhn Jensen

ISBN 9788759311462

Price 34.00

Trade Paper

Interpreting Studies and Beyond
Interpreting Studies and Beyond >
Edited by Franz Pochhacker, Edited by Arnt Lykke Jakobsen, Edited by Inger M. Mees

ISBN 9788759313497

Price 40.00

Trade Paper

Introduction to cultural understanding
Introduction to cultural understanding >
By Iben Jensen

ISBN 9788778673459

Price 23.00

Trade Paper

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