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Rolling Homes Press

Rolling Homes Press

Rolling Homes Press is a small specialty publishing house formed to publish travel guidebooks for recreational vehicle and car camping travelers. The company was founded nineteen years ago by travel enthusiasts Mike and Terri Church to publish the type of books they looked for when they decided to take a few years away from their jobs to see the world in an RV.

Rolling Homes Press publishes seven camping and RV-focused books to destinations including Alaska, Mexico, Mexico’s Baja, Europe, the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia), and the Southwest United States. These books are truly unique providing day to day information that makes vehicle camping travel to these destinations simple. The growing population of camping travelers loves these books. The books are updated on a regular cycle.

Terri and Mike live full-time in an RV. The books are written and prepared for printing using laptop computers while on the road.

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