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Rain Falling on Embers
Rain Falling on Embers

Rain Falling on Embers


Katie McCabe


252 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $16.95 (US $16.95) (CA $22.95)

Publication Date: October 2023

ISBN 9781645480891

Rights: WOR

Vesuvian Books (Oct 2023)

Price: $16.95


How do you survive the worst thing that can ever happen?

When thirteen-year-old Katie McCabe’s dad gets sick and is hospitalized, she’s sent to live with her uncle in a strange town. But within days of arriving, her dad unexpectedly dies.

Struggling with her new reality, Katie is lost. She doesn't fit in at her new home and never will.

It only gets worse when Katie starts her freshman year of high school and begins to have run-ins with the son of the man who owns the town—a powerful man with ties to her family’s past.

Then one day, she is attacked from behind. Blindfolded and slung across the back of a horse, Katie is taken up into the hills. Dumped in the middle of the wilderness in an oncoming storm, she is left to find her way home. But how will she survive?


“This captivating tale of human endurance is a wonderful read for both young and old.” ~Booktrib

“A realistic, heartfelt, and serious drama the likes of which I’ve never seen in middle-grade fiction before.” ~K.C. Finn, USA Today Bestselling author

“A cleverly plotted novel with a strong, memorable protagonist. Highly recommended!” ~The Wishing Shelf

“Katie’s beautiful yet difficult personality is portrayed with authenticity and integrity. This powerful novel shows that a child can endure loneliness, change, and loss. ” ~Emma’s Insights

Praise for Author's Previous Works 7th Grade Revolution:

“A fun ride that combines treasure hunting, quick thinking, Revolutionary-era U.S. history, and teamwork. This novel reads like a National Treasure and Spy Kids movie combined. It has twists and turns. One of the novel's huge strengths is the kids banding together; in addition, each character has the opportunity to show individual skills and to grow as a person.” ~School Library Journal

“... an exciting, smartly written book filled with adventure, intrigue, and history in a modern school setting. Luke Spooner’s accompanying art is simply spot on. I can’t wait for my daughter to read this, and there’s no higher compliment than that.” ~Mercedes M. Yardley, Bram Stoker Award-Winning Author of Little Dead Red 

The Journal of Angela Ashby:

“Hilarious, startling, and sometimes unexpected... filled with achingly relatable tween moments and gentle lessons about the power of friendship, understanding other people’s stories, and living with the consequences of one’s actions.” ~Publishers Weekly

Speak No Evil:

“Suspense and intrigue... Melody’s story is grim, but hope is weaved in throughout ... highly emotional.” ~School Library Journal

“Outstanding... I had a tear in my eye on more than one occasion. A quite beautiful book I am very happy to champion by buying for my library.” ~Ginger Nuts of Horror

“Gardner’s storytelling displays the same sort of sinister charm as she unravels Melody’s past to tell the story of her present. Speak No Evil is at once hypnotic, vaguely sinister, and decidedly beautiful, with sharp, poignant prose that handles the heaviest of issues with grace and delicacy.” ~The Nerd Daily

Author Biography

Liana Gardner is a Bram Stoker Awards Nominee and the multi-award-winning author of 7th Grade Revolution, The Journal of Angela Ashby, and Speak No Evil. The daughter of a rocket scientist and an artist, Liana combines the traits of both into a quirky yet pragmatic writer and in everything sees the story lurking beneath the surface.Engaged in a battle against leukemia and lymphoma, Liana spends much of her time at home, but her imagination takes her wherever she wants to go.Liana is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.