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Pterodactyl Show and Tell
Pterodactyl Show and Tell

Pterodactyl Show and Tell

By Thad Krasnesky, Illustrated by Tanya Leonello



32 Pages, 10.25 x 10.25

Formats: Hardcover Picture Book, PDF

Hardcover Picture Book, $17.95 (US $17.95) (CA $17.95)

Publication Date: October 2018

ISBN 9781936261345

Rights: WOR

Flashlight Press (Oct 2018)

Price: $17.95


Kids who dig dinosaurs will devour this irreverent tall tale

When a boy brings his pterodactyl to school for show-and-tell, hilarious havoc ensues. The creature's delightfully demented antics, the kids' expressions as they try to avoid the hungry pterodactyl, and the out-of-control imagination of the boy yield a wild and wacky romp.
Kids who dig dinosaurs will devour this preposterous pterodactyl tale written in rhyming couplets and teeming with edgy school-age humor and giggle-inducing illustrations.


"The rhyming is fun, but the pictures sell it in this book; the expressive, goofy-faced pterodactyl is never a threatening figure, which makes the reactions from classmates and faculty even funnier. Watching a winged dinosaur upend the school from classroom to cafeteria is likely every kid’s dream, and will go over in a big way here. Absolutely fun reading—who doesn’t love a dinosaur?" —Rosemary,

Pterodactyl Show and Tell has been earned a Children's Literary Classics Seal of Approval

"When a boy brings his pet pterodactyl for show-and-tell, chaos reigns in the third grade... Have your teacher read this the day before show-and-tell: Any pet will be more than welcome... as long as it’s not a pterodactyl." —Kirkus Reviews

"Altogether whimsical, and utterly delightful, Pterodactyl Show and Tell is recommended for home and school libraries and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval." —Review,

"I think what children will really like about this book are the big, bold, and colorful illustrations that show the playfulness of the Pterodactyl as it carries on its day completely oblivious to the chaos it is creating. They’ll be amused from cover to cover. Dinosaur-loving kids will surely love this book. It’s a funny and sneakily educational tale making it a great book for school and home bookshelves." —Christa McGrath,

"This is a cute children’s book with wonderful illustrations that reflect what happens when you take a Pterodactyl to school. I think children will enjoy the illustrations and the simple story line. It even has a few moments that made me laugh out loud. We give it 5 paws up." —Leslie,

"...a fabulous children’s book.... In addition to the skillful wordsmithing of this story, I absolutely LOVE the illustrations!... absolutely delightful! A must for every family's library." —Nina Lewis, review:

"Giggles are guaranteed in this silly yet somewhat edgy story of a pet many kids would enjoying owing... at least, in their dreams... a fun read, packed with imagination..." —Tonja Drecker,

"Kids really like books where things, people, kids, or animals get eaten. They just do. Get used to it. This book not only fulfills that basic urge, it also includes dinosaurs, so pretty much the two best things ever! ...Verdict: If, like me, you like to have things-being-eaten-themed storytimes, this is a definite addition to that delightful genre." —Jennifer Wharton,

"...very highly recommended for family, elementary school, and community library picture book collections." —Midwest Book Review

Author Biography

Thad Krasnesky is a writer of children's stories trapped in the body of an army major. He served five tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan as an active duty intelligence officer in the US Army. Thad enjoys volunteering with children and running ultra-marathons. He lives in Lansing, KS, and this is his third picture book.

Tanya Leonello has an MFA in medical and biological illustration from the University of Michigan, and specialized in scientific illustration for the medical, advertising, editorial, and textbook markets for over 15 years. Her second career as a mother provided inspiration to create art for children's picture books. Tanya lives in Dexter, MI.