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Nordic Academic Press

Nordic Academic Press

Nordic Academic Press publishes works by distinguished researchers from all the Nordic countries, Sweden in particular. The authors are academics in various disciplines of the humanities such as history, ethnology, archeology, and studies of film and literature. Our titles are academic studies aimed at scholars, students and anyone with an interest in new scientific findings and current research. The common grounds for our new titles as well as for our backlist are the in-depth analyses, the interesting perspectives and the fresh points of departure for discussion.

We specialize in a few, clearly defined areas and aims: we provide a channel for Swedish and Nordic scholars publishing their quality works in the English language for an international readership; we produce attractive and well-designed books for an international circle of readers; and we provide a ‘window’ for an international audience who are interested in books that cover topics and research specific to Sweden and the Nordic countries.

Nordic Academic Press was founded in 1997 and became an independent publishing house in 2018. 

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