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New Island

New Island

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Titles Found: 41
60 Years, 30 Perspectives
60 Years, 30 Perspectives >
Edited by Donncha O'Connell

ISBN 9781848400443

Price 30.00

Trade Paper

A Divided Paradise
A Divided Paradise >
By David Lynch

ISBN 9781848400139

Price 22.00

Trade Paper

A Question of Duty
A Question of Duty >
By Paul O'Brien

ISBN 9781848403147

Price 13.99

Trade Paper

A Treasury of Sunday Miscellany
A Treasury of Sunday Miscellany >
Edited by Marie Heaney

ISBN 9781848400504

Price 27.00

Trade Paper

Banished Babies
Banished Babies >
By Mike Milotte

ISBN 9781848401334

Price 18.99

Trade Paper

Battleground >
By Paul O'Brien

ISBN 9781848404274

Price 10.99

Trade Paper

Blanketmen >
By Richard O'Rawe

ISBN 9781848405547

Price 17.99

Trade Paper

Break A Leg: A Memoir
Break A Leg: A Memoir >
By Peter Sheridan

ISBN 9781848401945

Price 29.99

Trade Paper

Breaking the Mould
Breaking the Mould >
By Eamon Delaney

ISBN 9781848400566

Price 25.00

Trade Paper

China and the Irish
China and the Irish >
Edited by Jerusha McCormack

ISBN 9781848400429

Price 45.00


Come Here to Me!
Come Here to Me! >
By Donal Fallon, By Sam McGrath, By Ciarán Murray

ISBN 9781848405806

Price 16.99

Trade Paper

Crossfire >
By Paul O'Brien

ISBN 9781848401297

Price 10.99

Trade Paper

Crown and Shamrock
Crown and Shamrock >
By Mary Kenny

ISBN 9781905494989

Price 21.99

Trade Paper

Darling Sweetheart
Darling Sweetheart >
By Stephen Price

ISBN 9781848400290

Price 15.99

Trade Paper

Drive Like a Woman, Shop Like a Man
Drive Like a Woman, Shop Like a Man >
By Mary Mulvihill

ISBN 9781848400160

Price 12.99

Trade Paper

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