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New Century Publications

New Century Publications

New Century Publications (NCP), a New Delhi based publishing house was established in 1999, specializing in the publication of books on business and economics, management, foreign affairs, international relations, women studies, law and environmental issues.

It particularly focuses on developments in the Indian economy, one of world’s fastest growing economies. Titles on various facets of the Indian economy, authored by distinguished scholars on the subject, are available.

Although New Century is best known for its titles on almost every aspect of the Indian economy, its publications also cover a wide range of subjects in social sciences including regional politics (Middle East; United States, South Asia, China, European Union], foreign affairs, women studies, history, and environment studies.

With over 480 books to its credit, over the years, NCP has carved a niche for itself in the publishing industry through the contributions and patronage of a galaxy of distinguished authors in India and abroad. Besides, it has its own dedicated team of researchers and editors.

New Century Publications has tied up with various prestigious organizations, institutions and NGOs for the co-publishing ventures and the projects have already been executed/are underway.

Conscious of its social responsibility, NCP has provided, and vows to provide, platform to a cross-section of budding scholars particularly women, and other disadvantaged groups.

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