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8. Mai 1945
8. Mai 1945 >
Edited by Alexandra Klei, Edited by Katrin Stoll, Edited by Annika Wienert

ISBN 9783958081628

Price 32.00


African Thoughts on Colonial and Neo-Colonial Worlds
African Thoughts on Colonial and Neo-Colonial Worlds >
Edited by Arno Sonderegger, By Sara Marzagora, By Joanna Tegnerowicz, By Felix Muller, By Ninja Steinbach-Huether, By Anais Angelo, By Paulina Aroch-Fugellie, By Lena Dallywater, By Lutz Diegner, By Myra Ann Houser, By Janine Klage

ISBN 9783958080836

Price 37.00


Allianzen >
Edited by Micha Brumlik, Edited by Marina Chernivsky, Edited by Max Czollek, Edited by Anna Schapiro

ISBN 9783958082021

Price 27.00


Als Kitsch ausgewiesen!
Als Kitsch ausgewiesen! >
By Sebastian Loewe

ISBN 9783958081789

Price 47.00


Ambivalenzraum Universitaet
Ambivalenzraum Universitaet (2 Formats) >
Edited by Gerald Lind, Edited by Doris Pany

Trade Paper ISBN 9783958080423

Trade Paper Price 17.00

Trade Paper, PDF

American Beasts
American Beasts (2 Formats) >
By Dominik Ohrem

Trade Paper ISBN 9783958080379

Trade Paper Price 37.00

Trade Paper, PDF

Animalitaet und aesthetik
Animalitaet und aesthetik (2 Formats) >
Edited by Jessica Ullrich

Trade Paper ISBN 9783943414011

Trade Paper Price 20.00

Trade Paper, PDF

Arbeiterinnen und Arbeiter
Arbeiterinnen und Arbeiter (2 Formats) >
Edited by Eva Holling, Edited by Matthias Naumann, Edited by Frank Schloeffel

Trade Paper ISBN 9783943414431

Trade Paper Price 24.00

Trade Paper, PDF

Auf den Ruinen der Imperien
Auf den Ruinen der Imperien >
Edited by Andree Michaelis-Koenig

ISBN 9783958082069

Price 20.00


Berlin und die Juden
Berlin und die Juden (2 Formats) >
Edited by Laurence Guillon, Edited by Heidi Knoerzer

Trade Paper ISBN 9783958080096

Trade Paper Price 35.00

Trade Paper, PDF

BetonSalon >
Edited by Tino Mager, Edited by Bianka Troetschel-Daniels

ISBN 9783958081819

Price 47.00


Beyond the Line
Beyond the Line (3 Formats) >
By Michael Mann

Cloth ISBN 9783943414141

Cloth Price 67.00

Cloth, PDF, EPUB

Catastrophe & Spectacle
Catastrophe & Spectacle >
By Joerg Duenne

ISBN 9783958081222

Price 42.00

Trade Paper

Catastrophe & Spectacle
Catastrophe & Spectacle >
Edited by Joerg Duenne, Edited by Gesine Hindemith, Edited by Judith Kasper

ISBN 9783958081734

Price 42.00


Dark Rooms
Dark Rooms >
Edited by Marietta Kesting, Edited by Sophia Kunze

ISBN 9783958081703

Price 37.00


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