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Melbourne University Press

Melbourne University Press

Melbourne University Publishing Ltd (MUP) inherits the proud 80-year history of Melbourne University Press, which was founded in 1922. MUP publishes approximately 80 books and electronic products each year over a wide range of subject areas and disciplines, and maintains a backlist of some 350 titles. MUP publishes under three main imprints: MUP, The Miegunyah Press, and Victory Books.

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Titles Found: 507
28 Days in Provence
28 Days in Provence >
By Shannon Bennett

ISBN 9780522858075

Price 34.95

Trade Paper

A Family History of Smoking
A Family History of Smoking >
By Andrew Riemer

ISBN 9780522854886

Price 28.95

Trade Paper

A Family Romance
A Family Romance >
By John Rickard

ISBN 9780522847406

Price 24.95

Trade Paper

A Forester's Log
A Forester's Log >
By Angela Taylor

ISBN 9780522848397

Price 29.95

Trade Paper

A Furious Hunger
A Furious Hunger >
By Bruce Grant

ISBN 9780522847925

Price 24.95

Trade Paper

A Future in Flames
A Future in Flames >
By Danielle Clode

ISBN 9780522857238

Price 27.00

Trade Paper

A Good Death
A Good Death >
By Rodney Syme

ISBN 9780522855036

Price 32.00

Trade Paper

A History Of The Port Phillip District
A History Of The Port Phillip District >
By Shaw A G L

ISBN 9780522850642

Price 29.95

Trade Paper

A Hostile Beauty
A Hostile Beauty >
By Alistair Dermer, By Danielle Wood

ISBN 9780522855043

Price 62.00


A Letter to Generation Next: Why Labor
A Letter to Generation Next: Why Labor >
By Kim Carr

ISBN 9780522864458

Price 19.99

Trade Paper

A Letter To My Children
A Letter To My Children >
By Christopher Pyne

ISBN 9780522867985

Price 24.15

Trade Paper

A Matter of Principle
A Matter of Principle (2 Formats) >
By Jana Wendt

Trade Paper ISBN 9780522855258

Trade Paper Price 24.95

Trade Paper, Cloth

A Merciful Journey
A Merciful Journey >
By Marsden Hordern

ISBN 9780522851656

Price 37.95

Trade Paper

A Premier's State
A Premier's State >
By Ellen Whinnett, By Steve Bracks

ISBN 9780522860795

Price 36.00

Trade Paper

A Tragedy in Two Acts
A Tragedy in Two Acts >
By Fiona Harari

ISBN 9780522858105

Price 32.00

Trade Paper

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