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Mastering Beauty
Mastering Beauty

Mastering Beauty

A Rare Glimpse into the Private Lives of Renowned Cosmetic Doctors Who Share Insights and Advice on the Complex Quest for Beauty


220 Pages, 9 x 11

Formats: Cloth, Mobipocket, PDF, EPUB

Cloth, $30.00 (US $30.00) (CA $41.00)

Publication Date: October 2018

ISBN 9780996472197

Rights: WOR

benton buckley books (Oct 2018)


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Price: $30.00


Providing inspiration for navigating the ever-changing world of cosmetic medicine, this book features wisdom from 15 highly regarded doctors of aesthetic medicine who are uniquely introduced in both personal and professional contexts. The doctors represent a diverse geography, from Honolulu to New York City, Vancouver to Florida. Beautiful environmental portraits capture the doctors doing what they love most—practicing medicine, spending time with their families, and engaging in leisure activities. Profiles present the doctors’ backgrounds and philosophies, while additional chapters highlight their opinions on important topics, like how to choose a doctor; the benefits and drawbacks of surgical and nonsurgical procedures; and tips for staying youthful. Readers will especially enjoy recommendations and cautionary tales regarding popular procedures, and a section devoted to outrageous requests.


Mastering Beauty is an unprecedented collection of profiles on some of the world’s foremost doctors of cosmetic surgery, dermatology, and dentistry. […] Congratulations to Beth Buckley for tackling this fascinating field in such a unique and educational way; Mastering Beauty is a great contribution.”  —Dr. Charles Thorne

Author Biography

Beth Benton Buckley has conceptualized, designed, and curated dozens of titles in myriad subjects including: architecture, celebrity event design, hospitality, interior design, travel, and wineries. She is the author of I Do… Destination Florida and Love Is Love. She lives in Delray Beach, Florida.