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Mainstream Publishing

Mainstream Publishing

Mainstream Publishing is a publishing company in Edinburgh, Scotland, founded in 1978. It is associated with the Random House Group, who bought Mainstream in 2005. 
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Titles Found: 157
100 Classic Coastal Walks in Scotland
100 Classic Coastal Walks in Scotland >
By Andrew Dempster

ISBN 9781845965860

Price 19.95

Trade Paper

A Day to Die For
A Day to Die For >
By Graham Ratcliffe

ISBN 9781780576411

Price 17.95

Trade Paper

A Game for Hooligans
A Game for Hooligans >
By Huw Richards

ISBN 9781845962555

Price 19.95

Trade Paper

Alfie! >
By Gareth Thomas, By Delme Parfitt

ISBN 9781845963194

Price 15.95

Trade Paper

Asthma and Bronchitis
Asthma and Bronchitis >
By Jan de Vries

ISBN 9781840185546

Price 13.99

Trade Paper

Be a Winner
Be a Winner >
By Richard Orr, By Kenny Kemp, Foreword by Sir Alex Ferguson

ISBN 9781845964023

Price 19.95

Trade Paper

Behind Enemy Lines
Behind Enemy Lines >
By Sir Tommy Macpherson, By Richard Bath

ISBN 9781845967086

Price 21.95

Trade Paper

Bertie Ahern
Bertie Ahern >
By Ken Whelan, By Eugene Masterson

ISBN 9781840181357

Price 35.00

Trade Paper

Better to Be Feared
Better to Be Feared >
By Sean Bridges

ISBN 9781845963316

Price 19.95

Trade Paper

Bonded by Blood
Bonded by Blood >
By Bernard O'Mahoney

ISBN 9781845961640

Price 22.95

Trade Paper

Boy in the Attic
Boy in the Attic >
By David Malone

ISBN 9781780575292

Price 14.95

Trade Paper

Broke Through Britan
Broke Through Britan >
By Peter Mortimer

ISBN 9781840181630

Price 17.99

Trade Paper

Carabanchel >
By Christopher Chance

ISBN 9781840189674

Price 18.95

Trade Paper

Celtic in Europe
Celtic in Europe >
By Graham McColl

ISBN 9781840187779

Price 34.99


Chasing Killers
Chasing Killers >
By Joe Jackson

ISBN 9781845964061

Price 19.95

Trade Paper

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