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Kristen Doute Pens the Ultimate 'Crazy Girl Guide' He's Making You Crazy, Co-Written By How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days Author Michele Alexander

October 21, 2019

Contact: Alisse Goldsmith-Wissman | Publicity Manager

CHICAGO, IL— Television personality and designer Kristen Doute, best known for her “take no prisoners” approach to friendships, life and love on Bravo’s hit reality show series Vanderpump Rules, has teamed up with How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days author Michele Alexander to create the ultimate guide to owning your “crazy” and never giving up on love. Chicago Review Press, a division of Independent Publishers Group, has acquired He’s Making You Crazy with plans to publish in hardcover and ebook in the US with an anticipated summer 2020 release.

“Women get used to being called crazy whenever we’re emotional,” Kristen says. “People might call this a self-help book, but I see it as a self-empowerment book. My goal is to create an army of boss bitches who own being ‘crazy’ and fight for the respect we deserve. I want to give every reader the tools to avoid or get out of unhealthy situations and find real love. Sometimes that requires deep self-reflection, but sometimes you just need to put on your detective’s hat and hack a man's email account.”

He’s Making You Crazy unpacks the ups and downs of Kristen’s laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes cringe-worthy dating history, in this hilarious, tongue-in-cheek book about why men call women crazy. He’s Making You Crazy will have readers cheering Kristen on as she traps boyfriends in ridiculous lies, offers tips to gather all your crush’s security question answers on the first date, delicately navigates the pros and cons of being solicited for a threesome and through it all, keeps her heart open and never gives up on love.

“Why not write a book with Kristen Doute?” says co-writer Michele Alexander. “She’s wonderfully Machiavellian, and I needed to know all of her secrets. It’s time for women to reclaim this particular c-word.”

“Behind every woman that’s ever been dismissed as crazy, there’s likely a man (or a whole list of them) that made her that way,” says Chicago Review Press senior editor Kara Rota. “Kristen is a hero to any of us that have been gaslit, misled or refused to play by the unfair rules of relationships. I'm so grateful that she’s sharing her hard-earned and often hysterically funny wisdom in this no-holds-barred book, which is just as juicy and addictive as the show where we fell in love with her to begin with.”

“It's been my great pleasure to help Kristen seize the narrative and tell her story her way,” says Fuse Literary senior agent Connor Goldsmith, who brokered the deal for the book. “There is so much more to her than you’ve seen on TV, and I know anyone who's been called ‘crazy’ a time or two will enjoy following her on the long and winding road to real self-love.”

Kristen is represented by Ryan Revel, Good Fear Film + Management and Joseph Weiner, Miloknay Weiner .

About Kristen Doute:
Kristen Doute is a TV personality, designer and entrepreneur known best for her fan-favorite role for the past seven years on BRAVO’s international hit series Vanderpump Rules. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Kristen moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress when she began working at the infamous SUR restaurant in West Hollywood. While at SUR she was approached to take part in the television series Vanderpump Rules now in its 8th season. Kristen’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to launch a clothing line, JAMES MAE, named after her beloved niece and nephew. The line features soft knit graphic tees and sweatshirts for both men and women encapsulating her love affair with classic and vintage rock designs. Due to the overwhelming demand, she recently expanded the collection debuting new styles and designs inspired by Kristen’s passions and popular quotes from her show. In her latest business venture, Kristen along with her co-stars Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney-Schwartz teamed up with Nocking Point wines, founded by Stephen Amell (CW’s The Arrow), to launch their own exclusive “Witches of Weho” wine variety which currently consists of a delicious Pinot Grigio and Rose.

About Michele Alexander:
Having survived approximately 100.5 failed relationships collectively, Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long finally put their flawed dating techniques to good use in their book, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. This hilarious guide book of what not to do, and its unique brand of humor, became the basis of the hit movie of the same name starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. The girls dug deeper into the laughable truths of relationships with their second book, How to Tell He's Not the One in 10 Days and came back with the one-two punch releases of How to Get a Guy in 10 Days and How to Get Over a Guy in 10 Days, for which they are in negotiations for film adaptation. In their latest project, a book of justifications for singledom. 365 Reasons Why I’m Still Single provides solace and a strong defense for those who haven’t quite met “the one.” Rather than skipping out on those uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinners or New Year’s Eve couples parties, 365 Reasons Why I'm Still Single offers a series of humorous and empowering rebuttals for every occasion.

About Chicago Review Press:
Chicago Review Press (CRP) was founded in 1973 and is one of two publishing units within Independent Publishers Group. Over the years, CRP has grown into a dynamic independent publisher with new titles in fiction and non-fiction for adults and children. CRP publishes under a wide range of subjects under several imprints, including Lawrence Hill Books, Amberjack, Academy Chicago Publishers and Parenting Press.