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IPG Ink logoThe missing INK in your supply chain.

Timely, economical digital printing provided at zero shipping cost.

  • Digital manufacturing can be turned around in as little as two business days, granting new life to your low-stock or out of stock titles.
  • The most you will pay for a 200-page 6 x 9 title is $3.13. Unlike other printers, IPG prints your inventory on-site. That means no costs to ship your inventory to us.
  • 15% and 20% discounts available for 200 + and 500 + unit orders.

Industry-standard trim sizes, paper stocks, and book finishes mean we have you (and your books) covered.

  • We can print your perfect bound titles in any conceivable size between 4.00” x 6.00” and 8.5” x 11.25”. Spines as thin as 1/16” and as thick at 2.5”.
  • Choice of 50# and 60# white and creme papers—along with a specialized 80# gloss coated stock—means we can produce your novel, or your graphic novel, and anything in between.
  • 10pt and 12pt cover stocks available with your choice of matte or glossy cover finishes.

IPG Ink's Printing Specifications - Interior

Type Brand GSM PPI Caliper Opacity Brightness All Sizes?
White 50# Williamsburg Offset Opaque 74 512 0.0039 91 94 Yes
White 60# Williamsburg Offset Opaque 89 444 0.0045 93 94 Yes
Creme 50# Pixelle B18 Natural Eggshell 74 500 0.004 92 74 Yes
Creme 60# Pixelle B18 Natural Eggshell 88.8 420 0.00476 94 74 Yes
Gloss 80# Endurance Digital Gloss Text 118 540 0.0037 93.5 92 Yes

$5M investment state-of-the-art equipment means efficient, high-quality production.

  • The oldest machine in our shop was born in August, 2018, with an average equipment age of less than 2 years.
  • Sophisticated, bar-code driven workflows augmented by brand-new, cutting-edge software in use by only the largest and most sophisticated book manufacturers in the US.

Custom-tailored printing solutions to fit your publishing program.

  • Books can be printed print runs as small as one copy, and as great as 4,000 copies—the choice is yours.
  • Maintain zero inventory at IPG, and simply manufacture to order. Or choose to keep inventory at our DC, with units replenished automatically when stock begins to run low.
  • Issue your own manufacturing orders through IPG’s web-based manufacturing portal.
  • Or, be your own supply chain. IPG is always happy to receive 3rd party digital printing or offset orders at our distribution center.
  • For maximum avaibility, take advantage of IPG’s deep integration with cutting-edge printing programs at Amazon and Ingram.

Program Essentials

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