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Intersentia is an independent and rapidly developing international publishing house based in Cambridge, UK and Antwerp, Belgium. We are first and foremost dedicated to legal publishing. Our list covers the core of private and public law, as well as the criminal law of different jurisdictions, European Union law, comparative law, international law and human rights. We publish academic, professional, and educational monographs and edited collections. We also have a smaller number of titles dedicated to the fields of business, finance and accounting.

As an independent publishing house, we are quick with decisions and responses, editing is thorough, and our approach is collaborative: we work with and for our authors. This ethos carries through to every stage of our publishing process, ensuring satisfaction for author and reader at every stage of a book’s journey, and never compromising on quality whilst maintaining swift production times.

Our list is proving successful, with Intersentia books winning numerous prestigious prizes including the Inner Temple New Author Prize, the Fernand Collin Prize, the Max van der Stoel Human Rights Award, and the Ciardi Prize.

Intersentia is part of Interpublishing, a media and software group that strives to combine the essence of a traditional publishing house with the innovative approach of a technology company. Today, information is available in many other forms than physical books, and Interpublishing offers you legal and economic information in user-friendly databases and software packages. Our software for professionals is regularly praised as the best on the market.
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