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In Memory of Brilliance & Value
In Memory of Brilliance & Value

In Memory of Brilliance & Value


80 Pages, 5.5 x 7.5

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $15.00 (US $15.00) (CA $20.00)

Publication Date: October 2015

ISBN 9780991545483

Rights: US & CA

Saturnalia Books (Oct 2015)

Price: $15.00


In his third collection, Michael Robins unleashes the couplet to bring the pastoral past into the modern day, aligning images of grazing buffalo with those of torture and war. In the intersection between reality and imagination, with violence flowing like a river beneath us at all times, these lyric poems offer associative and sonic shifts that drive the speaker’s narrative insights. Like a mad chef on a tear, Robins concocts small poetic miracles using equal parts wonder and terror. His dishes are meticulously crafted and served up with gusto. We cannot help but relish in them.

Author Biography

MICHAEL ROBINS was born in Portland, Oregon. He is the author of several collections of poetryâ€â€including The Next Settlement and Ladies & Gentlemen (Saturnalia Books)â€â€and teaches literature and creative writing at Columbia College Chicago. For more information, visit