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HopeRoad was founded in 2010 by Rosemarie Hudson, a book-lover who has always wanted to encourage exciting new talent, publish those authors herself and bring them to our attention. Her emphasis has been to promote the best writing from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, with themes of identity, cultural stereotyping and disability of particular interest. With her instinct for quality, Rosemarie has a record of choosing prize-winning writers for the HopeRoad list, only publishing work she cares for passionately.

Rosemarie was recently joined in her venture by Pete Ayrton, founder of the hugely respected independent publisher Serpent’s Tail. Pete is Editor of HopeRoad’s new imprint, Small Axes. He will be looking to republish out of print post-colonial classics – those books which helped to shape cultural shifts at the time they were first in print, and which remain as relevant today. 

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