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Hoover Institution Press to join IPG's River North Editions

May 28, 2013

Independent Publishers Group is proud to announce that it will distribute Hoover Institution Press through its River North Editions program. The press is the in-house publisher of the Hoover Institution, a conservative American public policy think tank located at Stanford University. The Hoover Institution Press has long been a publisher of works by individuals who previously held high-profile positions in government. Authors include George Schultz, Thomas Sowell, and Milton Freidman. The press produces both print and electronic titles, about 10-12 new titles a year, and they have a backlist of about 90 titles on multiple public policy topics, including education, national security, law, energy policy, economic policy, health care policy, and Islamism. River North Editions will begin distributing Hoover Institution Press on 1 September 2013, and their titles will appear in the Q4 2013 River North catalog.