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Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House produces children’s picture books that fill real needs and possess irresistible, enduring appeal, ranging from visionary writing and poetry instruction to theological explorations. Launched in 2000, from Westhampton Beach, NY, with the successful reprinting of three important but endangered books, it has since released five original titles (two in Spanish), and another reprint. Gingerbread House’s small list has won more than 30 important citations, among them “The Global Learning Initiative Award” for the world’s “best trade book with educational application.” Its books have received raves from weighty review venues, have gone into 14 foreign language deals, and have appeared as set dressings in five major motion pictures. Fall 2011 sees the release of a sixth original,rounding this distinguished house’s list to ten.

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