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Fidelis Publishing

Fidelis Publishing

For just a time as this has Fidelis Publishing entered the book world. Observing the culture, the church, and government, the darkness of decay spreads and thickens. Truth has been supplanted by feelings and opinions to the point Christianity is singularly in the crosshairs of attack. The Bible and recorded history have repeatedly shown how truth is preserved and always prevails and it will again. Fidelis Publishing is here to shine the light of truth into the darkness of our time’s base pursuits. The Bible will be the sole standard for what we publish. Oliver North is a NYT bestselling author of many books, most of which he has published with Gary Terashita. These men have pooled their experience, network, and publishing knowledge to establish a top producer of Christian and Conservative books. Fidelis/faithful is not just a word, it’s our commitment. Fidelis/faithful is not just a word, it’s our commitment.
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America's #1 Adversary
America's #1 Adversary (2 Formats) >
By John M. Poindexter, By Robert C. McFarlane, By Richard B. Levine

Trade Paper ISBN 9781735428543

Trade Paper Price 12.99

Trade Paper, EPUB

Answering Liberty's Call
Answering Liberty's Call (2 Formats) >
By Tracy Lawson

Trade Paper ISBN 9781735428512

Trade Paper Price 17.00

Trade Paper, EPUB

Satan's Dare
Satan's Dare >
By Jim DeMint

ISBN 9781735856308

Price 28.00


The Battle
The Battle >
By David Dusek

ISBN 9781735428567

Price 16.00

Trade Paper

Things Atheists Say
Things Atheists Say (2 Formats) >
By Patrick Prill

Trade Paper ISBN 9781735428505

Trade Paper Price 16.00

Trade Paper, EPUB