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Drag City

Drag City

Drag City is an Earth-based record label (based in Chicago), putting out albums for three decades running and putting out books since 1999. You could say putting out is our specialty, but we don't recommend it! It\s a little more sacred than that (and profane). We've released an eclectic range of titles over the years: memoirs, essays, books of drawings, fiction, and that underrepresented genre—anagram record reviews. Many DC books are penned by musicians, though none by obstetricians—yet. (But you never know…) We only publish books we love, and we've been called a label you can trust, so if you buy our books, that means you\re someone who *trusts love.* Drag City Books is ever-growing, so stay tuned for future output.

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Titles Found: 16
A Crack-Up at the Race Riots
A Crack-Up at the Race Riots >
By Harmony Korine

ISBN 9781937112103

Price 18.95

Trade Paper

Art, Mystery
Art, Mystery >
By Mayo Thompson

ISBN 9781937112202

Price 32.99


How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life
How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life >
By John Fahey

ISBN 9780965618328

Price 21.95

Trade Paper

I Drive a Valence
I Drive a Valence >
By Bill Callahan

ISBN 9781937112158

Price 19.99

Trade Paper

Letters to Emma Bowlcut
Letters to Emma Bowlcut >
By Bill Callahan

ISBN 9780982048023

Price 16.95

Trade Paper

Nice Guys Don't Work in Hollywood
Nice Guys Don't Work in Hollywood >
By Curtis Harrington

ISBN 9781937112073

Price 19.95

Trade Paper

Public Works
Public Works >
By Neil Hagerty

ISBN 9780965618380

Price 17.95

Trade Paper

Slow Fade
Slow Fade >
By Rudolph Wurlitzer

ISBN 9781937112028

Price 15.95

Trade Paper

The Collected Fanzines
The Collected Fanzines >
By Harmony Korine, By Mark Gonzales

ISBN 9780965618311

Price 29.95

Trade Paper

The Lowbrow Reader Reader
The Lowbrow Reader Reader >
Edited by Jay Ruttenberg

ISBN 9781937112042

Price 19.95

Trade Paper

The Portable February
The Portable February >
By David Berman

ISBN 9780982048016

Price 10.00


The Psychic Soviet
The Psychic Soviet >
By Ian Svenonius

ISBN 9780965618397

Price 20.95

Trade Paper

Vampire Vultures
Vampire Vultures >
By John Fahey

ISBN 9780965618373

Price 18.00

Trade Paper

Victory Chimp
Victory Chimp >
By Neil Hagerty

ISBN 9780965618304

Price 19.95

Trade Paper

Warm Voices Rearranged
Warm Voices Rearranged >
By Brandan Kearney, By Gregg Turkington

ISBN 9780965618359

Price 13.95

Trade Paper

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