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Danny's Boys
Danny's Boys

Danny's Boys

a novel



298 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $17.95 (CA $23.95) (US $17.95)

Publication Date: October 2022

ISBN 9781952782763

Rights: WOR

Boutique of Quality Books (Oct 2022)
BQB Publishing

Price: $17.95


A group of 20-somethings in a Philadelphia parish have no idea their beloved pastor is an abuser, until it's too late.

Tommy Dunleavy and his life-long friends, 20-somethings in a northeast Philadelphia parish, have no idea their beloved pastor is an abuser, not until his best friend's younger brother dies by suicide after filing a rape complaint. Shocked and guilt-ridden, friendships splinter. The "did he or didn't he" debate rages in the neighborhood. Tommy knows Father is guilty. Despite his friends leaving the Church, he's confident that once the investigation is completed and wrongs are righted, everything can return to normal. Then the accused priest is reinstated.


"I was glad to have been immersed in the world of its sympathetic narrator, his endearing friends, and the complex, carefully wrought neighborhood in which they reside." —Elise Juska, author of The Blessings, If We Had Known, and Getting Over Jack Wagner

Author Biography

Charley Heenan has delivered newspapers, waited tables, tended bar, analyzed logistics for the military, managed a restaurant, worked in finance, and knocked on doors for political campaigns. A life-long resident of the Philadelphia area and huge Philadelphia sports fan, the St. Joseph’s University graduate now writes full-time.