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Crisanta Knight: The Liar, The Witch, & The Wormhole
Crisanta Knight: The Liar, The Witch, & The Wormhole

Crisanta Knight: The Liar, The Witch, & The Wormhole


Crisanta Knight


750 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $23.95 (CA $31.95) (US $23.95)

Publication Date: June 2018

ISBN 9781945448102

Rights: WOR

Boutique of Quality Books (Jun 2018)
BQB Publishing

Price: $23.95


A thrilling third installment, this meta-level reimagining of classic fairytales follows Crisanta through the whimsical world of Book

Book by book, the storyline is evolving. I'm riveted to the mysteries it's slowly revealing. It's simultaneously a world you want to live in, but also one you really want to expose all the secrets of… and those secrets go a long way down the rabbit hole.There's no place like home. And maybe that's a good thing. Becasue the two homes I know---my school and my castle in the kingdom of Midveil---aren'twhat they used to be.After finding the Author and learning the truth about my powers, our realm, and the antagonists' plot to destroy us, I thought the road ahead would be tough. But I was not afraid of it.With my friends by my side, my sense of self strengthened, and my Pure Magic growing, I thought I was well equipped to fight back.Unfortunately, the world had other plans. With friends I normally rely on pushing me away, and a family dynamic as fragile and quick to cut as the very glass our castle was made from, my path was not as fortified as I once thought.The Crisanta Knight series - Book 1: Protagonist Bound; Book 2 - The Severance Game; Book 3 - Inherent Fate; Book 4 - The Liar, The Witch, & The Wormhole; Book 5 (to be released in April of 2019 - To Death & Back

Author Biography

Geanna Culbertson is the author of the Crisanta Knight series, a young adult fantasy series that will culminate with the release of book eight in April of 2021. She is a sponsor and strong proponent of Girls on the Run, Los Angeles, an organization whose vision is a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams. She lives in Los Angeles, California.