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Childhood Cancer Guides

Childhood Cancer Guides

Childhood Cancer Guides is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that serves the childhood cancer community by publishing books that provide:

  • Clear explanations of the various types of childhood cancer
  • Descriptions of state-of-the-art treatments for childhood cancers
  • Emotional support for every member of the family
  • Access to helpful resources

Our organization is part of a larger community of people who love someone who has or had childhood cancer. Strong bonds of caring, shared experience, and support tie our group together. Woven throughout the text of our four books are the stories of 450 parents, children with cancer, and survivors. More than 150 healthcare professionals—well-known pediatric oncologists, nurse practitioners, psychologists, educators—reviewed and contributed to our books. We are part of a true collaboration between families and medical professionals.

Founding members include Nancy Keene, well-known author, advocate, and parent of a survivor of leukemia, and Catherine Woodman, MD, advocate, support group administrator, and parent of a survivor of a brain tumor.

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