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Changing Lives Press

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Titles Found: 31
A Loss Misunderstood
A Loss Misunderstood >
By Jaclyn Pieris

ISBN 9780990942481

Price 17.99


Addicted to Perfect
Addicted to Perfect >
By Vitale Buford

ISBN 9781732258488

Price 27.95


Advice for A Happy Life
Advice for A Happy Life (2 Formats) >
By Anne Friedman Glauber

Cloth ISBN 9780984940073

Cloth Price 12.99

Cloth, EPUB

Bully in the Mirror
Bully in the Mirror >
By Shanaya Fastje

ISBN 9780984304790

Price 14.95

Trade Paper

Fearless Beauty 360
Fearless Beauty 360 (2 Formats) >
By Kenetia Lee

Cloth ISBN 9780989452915

Cloth Price 18.99

Cloth, EPUB

Final Destination: Disaster
Final Destination: Disaster >
By George Jehn, New York

ISBN 9780989452960

Price 27.95


From Barefoot to Bishop: A Rwandan Refugee's Journey
From Barefoot to Bishop: A Rwandan Refugee's Journey >
By Rt. Rev. Laurent Mbanda, Ph.D.

ISBN 9780998623108

Price 26.99


Healing without Hurting
Healing without Hurting >
By LPC Kozek

ISBN 9780989452984

Price 27.99


How to Train Your Boss to Roll Over
How to Train Your Boss to Roll Over (2 Formats) >
By Wendy Diamond

Cloth ISBN 9780988247673

Cloth Price 15.99

Cloth, EPUB

Hunted Down
Hunted Down (2 Formats) >
By Kevin Weeks, By Phyllis Karas, Mrs.

Trade Paper ISBN 9780986216404

Trade Paper Price 15.99

Trade Paper, EPUB

In Bed with the Badge
In Bed with the Badge >
By Jennifer Sheehan Joyce, By Raymond Sheehan

ISBN 9780984304714

Price 24.99


Listen and Shut the F**K Up
Listen and Shut the F**K Up >
By Francesca Minerva

ISBN 9780998623115

Price 15.99


Luna and the Dog Park Bully
Luna and the Dog Park Bully >
By A. N. Minerva

ISBN 9781732258464

Price 11.95

Trade Paper

Mailbox Muffins
Mailbox Muffins >
By Homeless of Oregon Place Apartments

ISBN 9780984304745

Price 13.95

Trade Paper

Naked Calories
Naked Calories >
By Mira Calton, By Mira and Jayson Calton, Foreword by Author of Practical Paleo Sanfilippo

ISBN 9780989452908

Price 19.99

Trade Paper

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