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Canterbury University Press

Canterbury University Press

Canterbury University Press produces top-quality books for thinking people. New Zealand’s smallest university press, we publish about a dozen non-fiction titles a year, in the academic and general markets, with recognised strengths in natural history, biography, and books about and arising from our region.

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Titles Found: 104
A Canoe in Midstream
A Canoe in Midstream >
By Apirana Taylor

ISBN 9781877257797

Price 16.95

Trade Paper

A Geographer by Declaration
A Geographer by Declaration >
Edited by Michael Roche

ISBN 9781877257902

Price 21.95

Trade Paper

A Long Time Coming
A Long Time Coming >
By Martin Fisher

ISBN 9781988503110

Price 26.95

Trade Paper

A Stroll Through Brown Trout Country
A Stroll Through Brown Trout Country >
By Les Hill, By Graeme Marshall

ISBN 9781877257551

Price 29.95


All Fall Down
All Fall Down >
By Geoff Rice

ISBN 9781927145104

Price 24.95

Trade Paper

Animals in Emergencies
Animals in Emergencies >
By Annie Potts, By Donelle Gadenne

ISBN 9781927145500

Price 32.95

Trade Paper

Arthur Prior - A 'Young Progressive'
Arthur Prior - A 'Young Progressive' >
Edited by Mike Grimshaw

ISBN 9781927145906

Price 39.00

Trade Paper

Beyond Manapouri
Beyond Manapouri >
By Catherine Heather Knight

ISBN 9781988503042

Price 29.00

Trade Paper

Bill's Story
Bill's Story >
By Pat Unger

ISBN 9781877257704

Price 29.95

Trade Paper

Black Flu 1918
Black Flu 1918 >
By Geoffrey W Rice

ISBN 9781927145951

Price 22.00

Trade Paper

Black November
Black November (2 Formats) >
By Geoffrey Rice

EPUB ISBN 9781927145913

EPUB Price 13.99

EPUB, Mobipocket

Blood Ties
Blood Ties >
By Jeffrey Paparoa Holman

ISBN 9781927145883

Price 18.00

Trade Paper

Bonsai >
Edited by Michelle Elvy, Edited by Frankie McMillan, Edited by James Norcliffe

ISBN 9781927145982

Price 27.95

Trade Paper

Bounty >
By Koenraad Kuiper, By Koenraad Kuiper

ISBN 9781877257735

Price 16.95

Trade Paper

Canterbury Foothills & Forests
Canterbury Foothills & Forests >
By Pat Barrett

ISBN 9781927145579

Price 32.95

Trade Paper

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