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Bunker Hill Publishing Inc

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Titles Found: 59
A Child's Christmas in New England
A Child's Christmas in New England (2 Formats) >
Illustrated by Glenn Wolff, By Robert Sullivan

Cloth ISBN 9781593731519

Cloth Price 16.95

Cloth, EPUB

A Dream of Dragons
A Dream of Dragons (2 Formats) >
By Willem Lange, Illustrated by Mary Azarian

Cloth ISBN 9781593730895

Cloth Price 19.95

Cloth, EPUB

A Surgeon's Journey
A Surgeon's Journey >
By Jeff Wiseman

ISBN 9781593731823

Price 12.95


Amazing Jellies
Amazing Jellies (2 Formats) >
By Elizabeth Gowell

Cloth ISBN 9781593730208

Cloth Price 9.95

Cloth, EPUB

An Affectionate Farewell: The Story of Old Abe and Old Bob
An Affectionate Farewell: The Story of Old Abe and Old Bob (2 Formats) >
By Trudy Krisher, Illustrated by Bert Dodson

Cloth ISBN 9781593731557

Cloth Price 17.95

Cloth, EPUB

Animals Aloft
Animals Aloft >
By Allan Janus

ISBN 9781593730482

Price 22.50


As Long As it Takes
As Long As it Takes >
By William Pinkney, Introduction by Bill Cosby

ISBN 9781593730468

Price 22.50


Belle (2 Formats) >
Illustrated by Phyllis Saroff, By Mary Lee Corlett

Trade Paper ISBN 9781593730840

Trade Paper Price 25.00

Trade Paper, EPUB

Bones, Brains and DNA
Bones, Brains and DNA >
By Ian Tattersall, Illustrated by Patricia Wynne, By Rob DeSalle

ISBN 9781593731236

Price 11.95


Brain (2 Formats) >
Illustrated by Patricia Wynne, By Rob DeSalle

Cloth ISBN 9781593730857

Cloth Price 18.95

Cloth, EPUB

Cecily's Summer
Cecily's Summer >
Illustrated by Patricia Wynne, By Nan Lincoln

ISBN 9781593731335

Price 11.95


Confessions of a Country Architect
Confessions of a Country Architect >
By Don Metz

ISBN 9781593730611

Price 25.00


Cousin John
Cousin John >
Illustrated by Bert Dodson, By Walter Paine

ISBN 9781593730574

Price 17.95


Diappearing Giants
Diappearing Giants >
By Scott Kraus, By Kenneth Mallory

ISBN 9781593730048

Price 8.95


Disney- Looking at Paintings
Disney- Looking at Paintings >
By Erika Langmuir, By Ruth Thompson

ISBN 9781593730086

Price 14.95


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