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Beyond the Solar System
Beyond the Solar System

Beyond the Solar System

Exploring Galaxies, Black Holes, Alien Planets, and More; A History with 21 Activities

For Kids series


144 Pages, 11 x 8.5

Formats: Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB, Mobipocket

Trade Paper, $18.95 (CA $20.95) (US $18.95)

Publication Date: June 2013

ISBN 9781613745441

Rights: WOR

Chicago Review Press (Jun 2013)


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Price: $18.95


Tracing the evolution of humankind’s pursuit of astronomical knowledge, this resource looks deep into the furthest reaches of space. Children will follow along as the realization that the Earth is not at the center of the universe leads all the way up to recent telescopic proof of planets orbiting stars outside the solar system. In addition to its engaging history, this book contains 21 hands-on projects to further explore the subjects discussed. Readers will build a three-dimensional representation of the constellation Orion, see how the universe expands using an inflating balloon, and construct a reflecting telescope out of a makeup mirror and a magnifying glass. It also includes small biographies of famous astronomers, a time line of major scientific discoveries, a glossary of technical terms, and dozens of full-color images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and the Chandra X-Ray Observatory.


"A highly readable text . . . teachers may find these 21 activities especially helpful, but handy readers can follow these clear directions on their own. This is a useful path for budding space scientists."  —Kirkus Reviews

"A fast-paced, but worthwhile, tour of the history of astronomy. Carson shows unusual finesse in communicating the methods and significance of scientific breakthroughs . . . Notable for its unusually clear explanations of complex topics, this volume is a worthy companion to Exploring the Solar System."  Booklist

“A comprehensive combination of astronomical history and science, with activities that should encourage curiosity and involvement.”  —Publishers Weekly

"This volume is a great reference tool for astronomy lovers. The combination of history with hands–on activities is a novel approach that would certainly entertain and engage middle school students and beyond. The photos on the glossy pages are eye-catching and the diagrams come with great explanations . . . this volume would make a great resource for a school library or the library of a budding astronomer."  —National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Recommends

"This inviting and informative comprehensive survey will be useful for homework assignments and may send young scientists to further studies of astronomy."  —School Library Journal

"The activities are perfect 'boredom busters' for cold winter days."  —Washington Post

"The book stands out from other introductions to the field because of the activities, all of which use simple and easy-to-find materials."  —Science Magazine

"I would recommend this book to all children who have a passion for learning, not just about the night sky, but all aspects of our scientific history. The many illustrations and activities only enhance the reader's understanding of the subject matter and enable him or her to be challenged to learn more, and hopefully one day to join the ranks of the great people documented in the book."  —National Space Society

Author Biography

Mary Kay Carson has written more than 30 nonfiction books for children, including The Bat Scientists, Exploring the Solar System, and The Wright Brothers for Kids. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.