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Banipal Publishing

Banipal Publishing

Banipal Publishing was founded in 1997 by two people passionate about literature, Iraqi author Samuel Shimon and British editor Margaret Obank, to publish inspiring, unknown works of contemporary Arab authors in English translation (and occasionally in their original English, or other language) through the thrice-yearly Banipal magazine. Over the years a few crucial works were selected for publication as paperbacks under the imprint Banipal Books. In 2019, with the English-language magazine having worldwide recognition and a reputation for consistent quality and choice, Banipal's founders turned their attention to publishing books – in English translation from the Arabic – decisive works from the wealth of Arabic memoir, fiction and poetry being published today, as well as expanding its magazine portfolio to include a Spanish edition and to plan a German one. Banipal’s uniquely selected translations open up a rewarding dialogue with the diverse, rich and empathetic literature coming out of the Arab world and its diaspora.
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