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A Room at the Heart of Things
A Room at the Heart of Things

A Room at the Heart of Things

The Work that Came to Me


192 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $17.95 (US $17.95)

Publication Date: January 1998

ISBN 9781550650945

Rights: WOR X CA

Vehicule Press (Jan 1998)
Véhicule Press

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This is a lively, quirky collection of short stories, poetry, and memoir vignettes from published (Nino Ricci, Robyn Sarah, Rhea Tregebov) and unpublished writers Elisabeth Harvor has met over the years in workshops and as a writer-in-residence in universities and libraries across Canada. “This is what I've looked for during the years I've been a workshop leader and writer-in-residence. So that when I made copies of poems or stories that I loved, it was always because the work lived and breathed, or because it was, in an original and off-the-cuff way, thoughtful or profound. Which is how these stories and poems became (along with some memoir pieces) the 'work that came to me.' I didn't have to solicit or select or reject, I was already a collector. And so it gives me great pleasure to invite others to read this collection of writers who I feel will matter in the future because their work already has such force and +lan.” —Elisabeth Harvor