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A Fine-Spotted Trout on Corral Creek
A Fine-Spotted Trout on Corral Creek

A Fine-Spotted Trout on Corral Creek

On the Cutthroat Competition of Native Trout in the Northern Rockies




182 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: Trade Paper, EPUB

Trade Paper, $18.95 (US $18.95) (CA $24.95)

Publication Date: September 2021

ISBN 9781609406172

Rights: WOR

Wings Press (Sep 2021)


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Price: $18.95


Matthew Dickerson’s well-crafted prose narrative takes readers from the headwaters of the Colorado River in Wyoming to the Crown of the Continent in Glacier National Park. In the midst of the lovingly described wild and scenic beauty of these places, readers will learn about the science, history, conservation, and restoration of an important native fish—cutthroat trout—and the habitats where they live, while enjoying stories of the pursuit of those fish with both a fly rod and a camera. The book is well-informed by science as well as careful observation, and conveys both the passion and knowledge of the author. The author, Matthew Dickerson, was a 2017 artist-in-residence at Glacier National Park, invited to that residence specifically to learn and write about cutthroat trout. Much of what he learned and observed is shared in this book, along with stories and knowledge gleaned from times in the national forests of Wyoming and interviews with USGS, U.S.Forest Service, and National Park Service biologists. It is well-informed by science, but doesn’t read like a scientific text.


"A Fine-Spotted Trout on Corral Creek is a wonderful tale of exploration and discovery shared by a gifted storyteller ... who does a terrific job of making us feel as if we are with him on his journey. His descriptions of Glacier Park are true to the place." —Doug Mitchell, Exec. Director, Glacier National Park Conservancy

"A Fine-Spotted Trout on Corral Creek is a fine tribute to an often-underappreciated native fish. (Only underappreciated by those who haven't experienced fishing for them.) Dickerson, being both a devout student and teacher of this subject matter—and coming from the position of both seasoned angler and keen observer—is uniquely positioned to share his lifetime education on trout, interwoven with stories of fishing for native fish in wild places. This book is a strong call to protect the fish we love and the places that harbor them." —Zack Williams, editor, Backcountry Journal and Swing the Fly

"An enjoyable and informative read that reminded me why I love cutthroat and cutthroat country so much." —Bob Mallard, Executive Director, Native Fish Coalition

"Dickerson's careful research and insightful explanations of the science surrounding cutthroat trout—the successes, the failures, the future threats— provide a remarkable lens through which the reader can see, and understand, the extraordinary journeys of cutts and their critical position within western ecosystems. Dickerson's obvious love of the fish themselves, as well as his fly-fishing acumen, help to make this book a solid, enjoyable read for any fisherman. His remarkable ability to describe the silence and patience and attentiveness that puts the entire watershed on display for a dedicated observer makes this book exceptional." —Pat Wray, author of Gift of the Grenadier

"While A Fine-Spotted Trout on Corral Creek is a stunning narrative about one man's adventures in fishing, it's also a richly informed text that brings to light the critical role native fish play in our interdependent ecosystem.... Dickerson's views on the science are well researched and documented.... His search for native cutthroat trout is also a search for answers about how we connect with the natural world, and what happens to habitat and the animals who depend on it if we don't get it right. Even if you are not an angler, you'll enjoy A Fine-Spotted Trout on Corral Creek. But if you are, my guess is like me, you'll be caught hook, line, and sinker." —Doug Mitchell

Author Biography

Matthew Dickerson began writing about fishing and environmental issues in 1997 with an award-winning newspaper column in Middlebury, VT. He is the author of numerous books on fly fishing and river health throughout the US. He is also the author of three novels of historical fiction, three fantasy novels, and several books on the theological and moral aspects of the work of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.