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Yugoslavia, My Fatherland
Yugoslavia, My Fatherland

Yugoslavia, My Fatherland


216 Pages, 5 x 7.75

Trade Paper, $15.95 (CA $21.95) (US $15.95)

Publication Date: January 2016

ISBN 9781908236272

Rights: US, CA, SAM & CAR

Istros Books (Jan 2016)

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An exposed family secret sends one man on a journey across the Balkans, crossing paths with those who never truly left the war behind

When Vladan Borojevic googles the name of his father Nedeljko, a former officer in the Yugoslav People's Army, supposedly killed in the civil war after the decay of Yugoslavia, he unexpectedly discovers a dark family secret which recollects the events of 1991 when he first heard the military term deployment and his idyllic childhood came to a sudden end. Seventeen years later, Vladan's discovery that he is the son of a fugitive war criminal sends him off on a journey around the Balkans to find his elusive father, where he also finds out how the falling apart of his family is closely linked with the disintegration of the world they used to live in. The story of the Borojevic family strings and juxtaposes images of the Balkans past and present, but mainly deals with the tragic fates of people who managed to avoid the bombs, but were unable to escape the war.


"Vojnovic is influenced by American movies, and Yugoslavia, My Fatherland uses cinema's generic conventions to address the theme of war crimes head-on. . . A gripping narrative that requires no allegorical decipherment, its author employs a noir style to capture the seaminess and stupor of Yugoslavia and traces these early symptoms to the country's disintegration. In this milieu, national or ethnic identity is a giant Rubik's cube made of razors." —Times Literary Supplement

"At last comes a work which will become required reading both within and beyond the Balkans. It is profound and important and, quietly published in translation from a small publisher, it is far more convincing then many more imagined and over-hyped works which simply lack the essential truths which only an insider can bring to a narrative." —Irish Times 

Author Biography

Goran Vojnovic graduated from the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana, where he specialized in film and television directing and screenwriting. The film Good Luck Nedim!, for which he co-wrote the script with Marko Šantic, won the Heart of Sarajevo Award and was nominated for the European Film Academy's Best Short Film Award in 2006. He has directed three short films himself, and his first feature film, Piran/Pirano, premiered in 2010. Vojnovic's Southern Scum go home! reaped all the major literary awards in Slovenia. A collection of his columns from a Slovene daily newspaper and weekly magazine have also been published as a book under the title When Jimmy Choo meets Fidel Castro.