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Titles Found: 5
1914 The Avant-Gardes at War
1914 The Avant-Gardes at War >
Edited by Uwe M. Schneede, Text by Régine Bonnefoit, Text by Gertrud Held, Text by Uwe Fleckner, Text by Eckhard Gillen, Text by Christine Hopfengart, Text by Lucian Hölscher, Text by Friederike Kitschen, Text by Joes Segal, Text by Jay Winter, Other Natascha Bolle

ISBN 9783864420535

Price 119.95


Anzac Memories
Anzac Memories (2 Formats) >
By Alistair Thomson, Foreword by Jay Winter

Trade Paper ISBN 9781921867583

Trade Paper Price 34.95

Trade Paper, PDF

Cultural Olympians: Rugby School's Cultural Leaders
Cultural Olympians: Rugby School's Cultural Leaders >
By John Witheridge, By John Clarke, By Anthony Kenny, By David Urquhart, By Robin Poidevin, By A N Wilson, By Andrew Vincent, By A C Grayling, By Jay Winter, By Ian Hesketh, By David Boucher, By Rowan Williams, By Patrick Derham, By John Taylor

ISBN 9781789551457

Price 9.99


Dunera Lives
Dunera Lives (2 Formats) >
By Jay Winter, By Seumus Spark, By Ken Inglis, By Carol Bunyan

Trade Paper ISBN 9781925495492

Trade Paper Price 39.95

Trade Paper, PDF

Towards Commemoration
Towards Commemoration (2 Formats) >
Edited by John Horne, Edited by Edward Madigan, Contributions by Paul Bew, Contributions by Fintan O'Toole, Contributions by William Mulligan, Contributions by Anne Dolan, Contributions by Catriona Pennell, Contributions by Ian Adamson, Contributions by Keith Jeffrey, Contributions by Heather Jones, Contributions by Jay Winter, Contributions by Tom Burke, Contributions by Tom Hartley, Contributions by David Fitzpatrick, Contributions by Paul Clarke, Contributions by Pierre Joannon, Contributions by Brian Hanley, Contributions by Stuart Ward, Contributions by Fearghal McGarry

Trade Paper ISBN 9781908996176

Trade Paper Price 30.00

Trade Paper, PDF