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White Elephants
White Elephants

White Elephants

On Yard Sales, Relationships, & Finding Out What Was Missing


128 Pages, 4.25 x 7

Trade Paper, $7.95 (US $7.95) (CA $8.95)

Publication Date: June 2012

ISBN 9781934620281

Rights: US, CA & AU

Microcosm Publishing (Jun 2012)

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Hidden treasures found in the most unexpected places

White elephants are among the odd, old, and generally discarded items that end up at yard sales and flea markets, and Katie Haegele loves them all—or at least an awful lot of them. Rekindled friendship and renewed family bonds are the cornerstones of this quirky and touching memoir inspired by odds and ends, but Haegele demonstrates that knick knacks and old lamps aren’t the only things to be found at a yard sale. Her relationship with her mother is unexpectedly transformed through flea markets and garage sales, as is the deepening connection with her deceased father. Even a bit of romance finds its way into this charming story of personal empowerment and strength in overcoming hardship.


"Katie Haegele's writing is a miracle. No matter how grumpy you've gotten, White Elephants will inspire you turn your days into adventures again—whether or not that includes looking through weird shit on other people's lawns."  —Ariel Gore, creator, Hip Mama, and author, All the Pretty People and Barbie-Envy

"In White Elephants . . . we get to know the cast of characters Katie Haegele encounters in her adventures sorting through neighborhood castoffs. Via intimate, relatable writing we also get to know Haegele, whose observations and ruminations are astute and, at times, hilarious." —Utne Reader (November 2012)

"It's earthy and near in its language, a conversation Katie has, a book so small and lovingly made that you can hold it in the palm of your hand." —Beth Kephart,

Author Biography

Katie Haegele is a writer. She has been published in the Miami Herald, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and the Philadelphia Enquirer. She lives in Philadelphia.