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When a Dragon Moves In Again
When a Dragon Moves In Again

When a Dragon Moves In Again

By Jodi Moore, Illustrated by Howard McWilliam


When a Dragon Moves In


32 Pages, 10.25 x 10.25

Formats: Hardcover Picture Book, PDF

Hardcover Picture Book, $17.95 (US $17.95) (CA $17.95)

Publication Date: September 2015

ISBN 9781936261352

Rights: WOR

Flashlight Press (Sep 2015)

Price: $17.95


If you build a perfect castle, a dragon will move in – and that’s exactly what happens to one very lucky boy when his family gears up for some changes. The boy and his dragon bounce in their castle, duel with delight, and have an amazing time together…until they find out that their castle is a crib for a new baby. Huh? As soon as they get used to the news, the boy and dragon are back in roaring form, entertaining the infant with marching music, aerial acrobatics, and baby-bottle bowling. But merriment turns to mischief and mischief leads to consequences. Can a dragon friend – real or not – help smooth the transition to big brotherhood? Find out…When a Dragon Moves In Again.


"McWilliam makes adept use of varied visual perspectives, and his artwork has a sculptural depth and emotional vividness that, when combined with Moore’s second-person narration, will make readers feel like they are right there with this growing family, through all of its messy, noisy, and tender moments." —Publishers Weekly

"McWilliam's pencil and digitally painted illustrations are wonderfully raucous and tongue-in-cheek, and his facial expressions are spot-on. It doesn't matter whether or not they can be seen; there's a little bit of dragon inside each of us. Here's to dragon-taming." —Kirkus Reviews

"This must-read is recommended for families with an infant on the way - especially readers ages 4-7 - who are gearing up for their responsibilities as a big brother or sister . . . . reading this story aloud offers a wonderful opportunity for your child to open up about worries that could be weighing on his mind about the impending special delivery." —Lisa J. Curtis, NY Parenting

"The fun-loving, jubilant imaginary friend from When a Dragon Moves In is back in this stand-alone picture book . . . . when a young boy and his father build a castle, which . . . is actually a crib . . . . The . . . illustrations are expressive and relatable. VERDICT Readers will hope that this dragon keeps coming back." —Laura Hunter, School Library Journal

"This is a warmly-written and lavishly illustrated book that addresses a common issue. It would make a good read-aloud and would be welcomed by families dealing with sibling rivalry, when a new baby arrives." —Teresa Bateman,

"When a Dragon Moves In Again has equally gorgeous illustrations from corner to corner and captures the human characters expressions/emotions so magically that readers will find something new to look at with each read." —Larissa Juliano,

"[T]he author's powerful words paired with the illustrator's brilliant visuals will reach down into the depths of your emotional reserves to endear you to this heartwarming treasure... the perfect addition to your collection and a really fun gift for that mommy-to-be in your circle." —Barbara Gruener,

".... Will the boy accept his baby brother? Will the dragon and boy remain friends? Read this fun story to find out! And the art? Just adorable." —Debra Kempf Shumaker, Author of Freaky, Funky Fish; Tell Someone; and Peculiar Primates

Author Biography

Jodi Moore is the author of the award-winning When a Dragon Moves In. She lives in Boalsburg, Pennsylvania. Howard McWilliam is the award-winning illustrator of I Need My Monster and When a Dragon Moves In. He was chosen as National Young Cartoonist of the Year at the age of 12. A regular cover artist for the Week magazine, he also illustrates for the Sunday Telegraph, Moneyweek, and Outdoor Life.