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Wedding Days
Wedding Days

Wedding Days

When and How Great Marriages Began


426 Pages, 6 x 9

Formats: EPUB

EPUB, $6.95 (US $6.95) (CA $9.95)

Publication Date: January 2020

ISBN 9781625361660

Rights: WOR

Avondale Books (Jan 2020)


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From Pocahontas to Priscilla Presley, Annie Oakley to Yoko Ono, Grace Kelly to Coretta Scott King, no woman ever forgets her wedding day. Here are 366 poignant, passionate or hilarious wedding stories of how extraordinary couples met, courted, and wed. A rich testament to marriage, WEDDING DAYS is something to give, receive, and treasure. It's for engaged couples, newlyweds, long-married couples, and best men and women searching for that perfect wedding story or toast. Artists, abolitionists, celebrities, statesmen and women, royalty and rebels are all represented in Susan J. Gordon's evocative portraits, with surprising, little-known and romantic details including: Napoleon spent his wedding night with Josephine battling her snarling pug dog, who refused to leave his mistress's bed and left teeth marks in the future Emperor of France's leg (March 9, 1796); The Marquis de Lafayette gave his friend, Alexander Hamilton, a pair of glittering rhinestone shoe buckles when he married Elizabeth Schuyler (December 14, 1780); Chang and Eng Bunker, the famous Siamese twins, married two sisters and fathered twenty-one children (April 13, 1843); Irving Berlin gave heiress Ellin Mackay the copyright to his song, "Always" when her father cut her out of his $10 million estate for eloping with the Russian-Jewish immigrant (Jan 4, 1926); Russian playwright Anton Chekhov was "simply terrified of the wedding ceremony" (May 25, 1901); Elvis Presley sang "The Hawaiian Wedding Song" to his bride, Priscilla, as he carried her over the threshold of their honeymoon getaway in Palm Springs CA (May 1, 1967); Alexander Graham Bell's struggles to invent a device enabling deaf people—including his fiance, Mabel—to hear led him, indirectly, to invent the telephone. (July 11, 1877). In every story in WEDDING DAYS, the enduring qualities of love shine through.

Author Biography

Susan J. Gordon has written hundreds of articles, stories and essays published in nationally known magazines and newspapers including the New York Times, the Forward, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Woman's Day, Parents, and Victoria, where she was Writer-in-Residence. Susan's award-winning memoir, BECAUSE OF EVA: A Jewish Genealogical Journey, was published by Syracuse University Press in 2016.