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We Don't Need Permission
We Don't Need Permission

We Don't Need Permission

How black business can change our world



304 Pages, 5.06 x 7.81

Formats: Trade Paper

Trade Paper, $19.99 (US $19.99)

Publication Date: October 2023

ISBN 9780552178648

Rights: US

Penguin Random House UK (Oct 2023)

Price: $19.99


A powerful guide to transformative entrepreneurship for under-represented people

Step 1: Embrace the unexpected
Step 2: Engage in consistent and continuous acts of disruption
Step 3: Let go of small - think bigger, think global and prepare for pitfalls
Step 4: Take risks using data to mitigate the downside
Step 5: Put your money where your mouth is, make your resources matter
Step 6: Leverage what you know
Step 7: Become a convener by making your mission bigger than yourself
Step 8: Invest in women to create Alpha
Step 9: Sell your vision, make time-appropriate asks and don't forget to recruit allies
Step 10: Always bet on Black

We Don't Need Permission argues that investing in Black and under-represented entrepreneurs in order to create successful businesses is the surest, fastest socio-economic game-changer there is.

Long-lasting economic empowerment - from education to health outcomes - is key to solving the multiple problems that result from systemic racism and sexism. And it is the best way to close the inequality gaps that have hampered and continue to hinder Black people and all women too. To address this problem head on, Eric Collins co-founded venture capital firm Impact X Capital to invest in under-represented entrepreneurs in the UK and Europe.

In We Don't Need Permission, Collins identifies ten key principles of successful entrepreneurship, and reveals how it's possible to change a system that has helped some, while holding others back. The book not only aims to inspire and motivate under-represented people to take their future and economic destiny into their own hands, but will demand of current business leaders and organizations that they do business better.

It's time to stop waiting for someone else to give permission and start boldly making the world we want to see.


Whether you're already working in the world of business or a beginner starting out with a good idea, We Don't Need Permission is invaluable. It's a disruptive, solution-driven path toward a level playing field and Black empowerment. The book removes the first obstacle with its title. An important read. ― Adrian Lester, actor

Eric Collins is one of the most powerful business people in Britain. —The Times

Do business better. It is incumbent on business leaders to use our advantage and our power for positive impact and Eric explains brilliantly the difference that we can make. It turns out it is easy to do - so the choice of whether to make that difference is ours. ― Alex Mahon, Chief Executive, Channel 4

This book is a manifesto for much needed radical and overdue change. It provides timely and necessary perspectives from one of today's most important voices in the ongoing fight for social justice. Collins's book is a must-read for all those inside and outside our community. ― Ric Lewis, founder and Chairman of Tristan Capital Partners

Author Biography

Eric Collins is the co-founder and CEO of Impact X Capital Partners, a venture capital firm investing in underrepresented entrepreneurs in the UK and Europe. He is also a serial entrepreneur and technology executive who has worked with numerous innovative companies and invests in fast-growth businesses helping Black and female entrepreneurs get the jump start they need.

In 2011, shortly before making London his home, Eric was appointed by President Obama to the Small Business Administration's Council on Underserved Communities and as an evaluator for White House Fellow applicants. Since then, the FT has placed Eric among the UK's top 100 BAME leaders in technology and he has been included in The Power List as one of the most influential Black people in Britain. Eric has also appeared on Radio 4 and Sky News and in the FT, Fortune, Forbes, Bloomberg, Guardian, The Times and Sunday Times and hosts Channel 4's award-winning business reality series, The Money Maker.