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Tundra Kill
Tundra Kill

Tundra Kill


The Nathan Active Mysteries


320 Pages, 5 x 7.5

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $16.95 (US $16.95) (CA $21.99)

Publication Date: February 2016

ISBN 9780979980381

Rights: US & CA

Bowhead Press (Feb 2016)

Price: $16.95


Nathan Active, the top cop in a swath of the Alaskan tundra that is larger than15 U.S. states, has a new mystery to unravel after a dog musher is killed by a snowmobile. When the case is connected with Alaska's gorgeous female governor, Active is swept into the bizarre family affairs and outsized political ambitions of the most dangerous woman he has ever met.  Now the counter-moves that have been put into place by the governor threaten the lives of both his beloved Grace Palmer and her daughter, Nita. With his career on the line, Active has to outwit the governor and save the people he cares for most before time runs out.


"The delightfully off-speed Alaska lore—the authorities offer two free nights in jail for information about the missing [snowmobile]—is supplemented this time by a compelling portrait of a female Alaskan governor too monstrous to be anything but wholly fictitious."  —Kirkus Reviews

"Jones, who was born in Alaska, uses his intimate knowledge of the state, his fondness for the Inupiat people and their traditions, and his eye for politicians' excruciatingly funny incongruities to produce a well-rounded and appealing portrait of America's Last Frontier."  —Publishers Weekly

"While prior books in this series have been more on the noir side, Jones lightens up a bit this time out, but not so much as to turn it into a comedic murder romp. There's still a tightly controlled narrative and the second half of the book moves quickly. One needn't have read the earlier installments to follow the character developments, but it does help and they're all good."  —David A. James, Alaska Dispatch News

"Active is a sturdy, reliable figure, and Jones has a palpable affection for the Alaskan Native culture and his eccentric characters."  —Adam Woog, Seattle Times

"Readers hungry for an authentic portrait of our 49th state—beyond what we've learned since Sarah Palin stepped onto the national stage—will be mesmerized."  —USA Today on Village of the Ghost Bears

"You can almost hear the wind screaming across miles of bleak tundra and frozen lakes."  —Entertainment Weekly on Village of the Ghost Bears

Author Biography

Stan Jones is an award-winning newspaper and public radio journalist. He is the coauthor of The Spill and the author of Frozen Sun, Shaman Pass, Village of the Ghost Bears, and White Sky, Black Ice. He lives in Anchorage, Alaska.