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Triangles of Fire
Triangles of Fire

Triangles of Fire


376 Pages, x

Formats: EPUB

EPUB, $4.99 (US $4.99) (CA $6.99)

Publication Date: March 2019

ISBN 9781625361295

Rights: WOR

Willoughby Editions (Mar 2019)


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A STORY OF LOVE, OBSESSION, MONEY AND CRIME…. Arson – a crime with as many motives as murder – from the greed of a crooked businessman to the psychotic lust of a pyromaniac – and ten times tougher to solve. Stretch Jackson was blackmailed into starting his first fire. Then he learned it could be a profession, a six-figure income, a way of life… an art form. Until falling in love made him ask if it was too late to change. Tom Farley was the private investigator called in before the ashes cooled, the man for whom every fire had a fingerprint, every torch his telltale signature. He’d sworn to stop the plague of deadly arson sweeping San Francisco. To do it he enlisted the aid of his fireman friend, Jonah West, Captain of Ladder One. Karen Canfield was a teacher who was so violently abused sexually that she left teaching, but life requires money. After falling in love with Stretch she had to confront the question of whether or not she could love a criminal. This is the novel about arson by pros that preceded Backdraft.

Author Biography

Jack Siler’s life has been constant contrasts: raised between a small farming town near St. Louis and the cultural life of the city itself, educated at the University of New Mexico, but graduated from the University of Illinois with several degrees, then living and working, literally, from one end of America to the other. Siler was an independent investigator for insurance companies. Arson cases fascinated him, because they always included high drama. Eventually, he specialized in catastrophic damages, a 16/7 job that took him from Miami to Portland, LA to NY, yet that left him free to live large chunks of each year in Paris, the Kenya bush, Italy, or Mexico, learn 6 languages, and write. His passion is studying social diversities from nation to nation, from America to Egypt. And skin diving! He is currently finishing both a new thriller and, after years of research, a history mystery exposing what the unexpected real fate was of the Alexandrian Library.