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Spring 2022 Top Shelf

The Future of You
The Future of You >
By Tracey Follows
Price 24.95
Queer Life, Queer Love
Queer Life, Queer Love >
Edited by Golnoosh Nour, Edited by Sarah Beal, Edited by Kate Beal
Price 15.95
Fearless Heart
Fearless Heart >
By Frank Murphy, By Surya Bonaly, Illustrated by Anastasia Magloire Williams
Price 17.95
Unicorns, Myths and Monsters
Unicorns, Myths and Monsters >
By Anne Marie Ryan
Price 12.99
Cold as Hell
Cold as Hell >
By Lilja Sigurdardottir, Translated by Quentin Bates
Price 15.95
Release the Beast
Release the Beast >
By Bimini Bon Boulash, Illustrated by Jules Scheele
Price 29.95
The Best of World SF: Volume 1
The Best of World SF: Volume 1 >
By Lavie Tidhar
Price 16.95
She's Unlikeable
She's Unlikeable >
By Aparna Shewakramani
Price 27.99
Come As You Are
Come As You Are >
By Jennifer Haupt
Price 27.00
Letters to Change the World
Letters to Change the World >
Edited by Travis Elborough
Price 19.95
My Body Keeps Your Secrets
My Body Keeps Your Secrets >
By Lucia Osborne-Crowley
Price 19.95
The Watchers
The Watchers >
By A Shine
Price 29.95
Embrace the Work, Love Your Career
Embrace the Work, Love Your Career >
By Fran Hauser
Price 19.95
You-ology >
By Trish Hutchison, MD, By Kathryn Lowe, MD, By Melisa Holmes, MD, FACOG
Price 12.95
The Bucharest Dossier
The Bucharest Dossier >
By William Maz
Price 27.95
Overdue >
By Amanda Oliver
Price 28.99
The Cycling Revolution
The Cycling Revolution >
By Patrick Field, Illustrated by Harry Goldhawk
Price 12.95
The Windowsill Gardener
The Windowsill Gardener >
Illustrated by Annie Davidson, By Liz Marvin
Price 16.95
The Set-Up
The Set-Up >
By Joseph Moncure March, By Erik Kriek
Price 29.95
Under Her Skin
Under Her Skin >
Edited by Toni Miller, Edited by Lindy Ryan, Foreword by Linda D. Addison, Illustrated by Marge Simon
Price 14.95
Muggsy >
By Muggsy Bogues, By Jake Uitti
Price 28.00
In Scoring Position
In Scoring Position >
By Bob Ryan, By Bill Chuck
Price 28.00

Fall 2021 Top Shelf

D is for Drool
D is for Drool >
By Amanda Noll, By Shari Dash Greenspan, Illustrated by Howard McWilliam
Price 18.95
The Tao of Bowie
The Tao of Bowie >
By Mark Edwards
Price 17.95
My Husband Simon
My Husband Simon >
By Mollie Panter-Downes, Introduction by Simon Thomas
Price 16.95
Swallowed By a Whale
Swallowed By a Whale >
Edited by Huw Lewis Lewis-Jones
Price 24.95
Lessons in Love and Other Crimes
Lessons in Love and Other Crimes >
By Elizabeth Chakrabarty
Price 18.95
Rooms of the Mind
Rooms of the Mind >
By Makenzie Campbell
Price 16.99
Disney Manga: The Nightmare Before Christmas — Mirror Moon Graphic Novel
Disney Manga: The Nightmare Before Christmas — Mirror Moon Graphic Novel >
By Mallory Reaves, Illustrated by Gabriella Chianello, Illustrated by Nataliya Torretta
Price 15.99
Warrior >
By Robert Matzen, Foreword by Luca Dotti
Price 27.95
Happy Cooking
Happy Cooking >
By Candice Brown
Price 39.95
Murmuration >
By Blake Auden
Price 16.99
Boys Enter the House
Boys Enter the House >
By David Nelson
Price 28.99
The Year's Best Sports Writing 2021
The Year's Best Sports Writing 2021 >
Edited by Glenn Stout
Price 19.95
Never Silent
Never Silent >
By Peter Staley, Foreword by Anderson Cooper
Price 26.99
Game Misconduct
Game Misconduct >
By Evan F. Moore, By Jashvina Shah, Foreword by Renee Hess
Price 28.00
My Body Is A Big Fat Temple
My Body Is A Big Fat Temple >
By Alena Dillon
Price 17.95
Super Bowl Blueprints
Super Bowl Blueprints >
By Bill Polian, By Vic Carucci
Price 30.00
High Five Discipline
High Five Discipline >
By Candice W. Jones, MD
Price 16.95
Just Like Me
Just Like Me >
By Louise Gooding, Illustrated by Cathy Hookey, Illustrated by Caterina Delli Carri, By Angel Chang, Illustrated by Melissa Iwai
Price 19.99
The Source
The Source >
By Sarah Sultoon
Price 15.95
Raelia >
By Lynette Noni
Price 17.99
Listen, Layla
Listen, Layla >
By Yassmin Magied
Price 15.99
52 Shabbats
52 Shabbats >
By Faith Kramer, Photographs by Clare Rice
Price 32.50
All Dogs Are Good
All Dogs Are Good >
By Courtney Peppernell
Price 16.99
Power Hungry
Power Hungry >
By Suzanne Cope
Price 27.99