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Tomorrow, Make Me Yours
Tomorrow, Make Me Yours

Tomorrow, Make Me Yours


210 Pages, 5 x 7.5

Formats: Trade Paper, PDF

Trade Paper, $13.99 (US $13.99) (CA $18.99)

Publication Date: May 2022

ISBN 9781427871190

Rights: WOR

TOKYOPOP (May 2022)

Price: $13.99


Yuki is a quiet, average boy who falls head over heels for the confident and cool Hayato in his new high school class. The two hit it off with an easygoing friendship, but when Yuki realizes that a female classmate has a crush on his friend, he tries to put some distance between them. As his feelings come to a head, he finally confesses to Hayato... who confesses right back!

This book contains sexual content and is intended for an audience aged 18 years and up.

Author Biography

Kaoruko Miyama is a Japanese manga artist known for her Boys Love and horror titles, including Tomorrow, Make Me Yours, Unmei-teki Love Meter, Miyabi-chan, and Kieru Kagi.