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The Watchers
The Watchers

The Watchers

Photographs By Haley Morris-Cafiero



144 Pages, 10 x 9

Formats: Cloth

Cloth, $49.99 (US $49.99) (CA $49.99)

Publication Date: November 2015

ISBN 9781926856070

Rights: US & CA

The Magenta Foundation (Nov 2015)

Price: $49.99


Previously published online and receiving viral exposure, this series of photographs examines how society uses gaze to project emotion and how we interpret the looks of others. The project began after the photographer noticed the facial expressions of a man standing behind her in the self-portrait she had set up in the middle of Times Square.  Intrigued by the man and a similar photo that followed on the roll of film the photographer decided to set up her camera for the purpose of capturing the expressions of passersby.  Each frame is chosen based on the strangers in the background, if they have a critical or questioning look, or if there is a gesture in their body language. By reversing the gaze back on the strangers, the collection begins a conversation about nonverbal interaction and the view society has on body image.

Author Biography

Haley Morris-Cafiero is an associate professor and an assistant dean at the Memphis College of Art. Her series of photographs, Wait Watchers, has been featured in more than 50 articles all over the world, and she has appeared on CBS This Morning and NPR. She is the finalist for the Renaissance Prize and has been nominated for the Prix Pictet. She lives in Memphis, Tennessee.