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The Watcher
The Watcher

The Watcher


230 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5

Formats: Trade Paper, EPUB, Mobipocket, PDF

Trade Paper, $12.95 (US $12.95) (CA $16.95)

Publication Date: November 2013

ISBN 9781937276454

Rights: WOR

See Sharp Press (Nov 2013)


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Price: $12.95


A science fiction novel set in a postapocalyptic society far in the future

Set in the far future, on the tribal world of Gaia, this debut science fiction novel tells the story of Tian, a young hunter struggling with loss of her childhood lover who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. When Tian’s tribe is threatened by violent slavers, she received help from a Watcher—a monstrous, mythical creature who is actually a genetically enhanced anthropologist from an advanced civilization. Through the juxtaposition of the precivilization tribes and the technologically advanced society of the Watchers, the novel explores themes of the role of ideology and tradition in daily life.


"[Oakley] provides a degree of complexity in what could have been a one-sided didactic novel. This examination of an idealist society and its less than ideal behavior offers hope that Oakley will grow into a significant SF novelist." —Publishers Weekly

Author Biography

Nicholas P. Oakley is a speculative fiction author interested in anarchist political theory and ethics. He holds a master’s degree in global ethics from the University of Birmingham and currently works as a research assistant.