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The Warriors of Stillness Trilogy
The Warriors of Stillness Trilogy

The Warriors of Stillness Trilogy

Meditative Traditions in the Chinese Martial Arts


Warriors of Stillness Trilogy


643 Pages, 7 x 10

Formats: Boxed Set

Boxed Set, $75.00 (US $75.00) (CA $89.00)

Publication Date: September 2015

ISBN 9780964997622

Rights: US & CA

Qi Works (Sep 2015)

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This boxed set includes all three volumes in The Warriors of Stillness Trilogy which follow the author's experiences and investigations into the internal martial arts. The first book discusses techniques on movement, issuing the "jing," and the theory and practices of taijiquan.  The second book pulls from the practices that are used in Yiquan such as the ability to defeat power and speed, traditional meditation techniques, and the skills that are used to counter and control force. The last book describes good posture and breathing habits, instruction on developing the "jin," how to control body movements and actions, and the peak transcendent experience of awareness. Each volume includes illustrations that complement the text and offer a visual guide through the various stages in martial arts.

Author Biography

Jan Diepersloot has studied martial arts for more than 35 years. He is the founder of the Contra Costa Center for Healing and the Arts, where he teaches. He lives in Walnut Creek, California.