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The Tao of Bowie
The Tao of Bowie

The Tao of Bowie

10 Lessons from David Bowie's Life to Help You Live Yours



314 Pages, 5 x 7.75

Formats: EPUB

EPUB, $9.99 (US $9.99) (CA $12.99)

Publication Date: January 2021

ISBN 9781760874513

Rights: US & CA

Atlantic Books, Ltd. (Jan 2021)
Atlantic Books


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A unique take on mindfulness meditation and meaning filtered through the life and work of David Bowie.

What would David Bowie do? When life gets tough, who can we turn to for help? Who will help us find happiness, meaning and purpose? The Tao of Bowie suggests that we turn to David Bowie for guidance - and use his amazing journey through life as a map to help us navigate our own.

Buddhism was central to David Bowie#&39;s life, but he was a wide-ranging thinker who also drew meaning from other sources including Jungian psychology, Nietzschean philosophy and Gnosticism. The Tao of Bowie condenses these concepts - the ideas that inspired and supported Bowie throughout his life and career - into ten powerful lessons, each with a series of exercises, meditations and techniques to encourage readers to apply these learnings to their own lives.

The Tao of Bowie will help readers understand who they really are, clarify their purpose in life, manage their emotions and cope with setbacks and change. This fresh approach to the search for spirituality and happiness unites the perennial human quest for answers with the extraordinary mind and unique career of one of the most important cultural figures of the past half-century.


"Music critic Edwards (Belonging) invites readers onto a swirling, entertaining path of self-discovery. . . . This cheery guide, filled with insightful facets from Bowie’s “magpie” approach to enlightenment, will appeal to fans of the music legend and spiritualists alike." —Publishers Weekly

“A swirling, entertaining path of self-discovery." —Publishers Weekly

Author Biography

Mark Edwards has two parallel careers - as a journalist and as a trainer/ life coach. As a journalist he began his career writing on magazines, including The Face, Arena, GQ, Esquire and Blitz. For the past 25 years his work has appeared virtually every week in the Sunday Times, and for twelve of those years he was the paper#&39;s chief pop music critic. As a coach and trainer, he works with individuals to help them live with more purpose and meaning, and with some of the country#&39;s most successful companies, helping them to support and develop future leaders.