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The Spirit of the Glacier Speaks
The Spirit of the Glacier Speaks

The Spirit of the Glacier Speaks

Ancestral Teachings of the Andean World for the Time of Natural Disorder


254 Pages, 5 x 8

Formats: Trade Paper, EPUB

Trade Paper, $19.00 (CA $25.00) (US $19.00)

Publication Date: October 2023

ISBN 9781633310858

Rights: WOR

Disruption Books (Oct 2023)


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Price: $19.00


A guide to recovering the power of Andean Indigenous wisdom to repair our personal and collective relationship with Mother Earth.

In the face of the climate change crisis, what if technology is not what rescues us, but rather a radical transformation of our culture?

Could it be that the wisdom we need to reinvent our culture has existed for hundreds of years—like the wisdom that belongs to the Indigenous Andean people, who live in union with Mother Earth still today?

If this is true, how do we learn to remake our culture into one that reverses climate change and sets us on a more responsible path?

In his third book—and his only volume to focus solely on Andean wisdom—healer and ceremonial leader Arkan Lushwala reintroduces us to the ancient ideas of Andean culture so that we can see modern problems in a more effective light. Justice, equity, nourishment, mental well-being, land stewardship, and more can be re-envisioned to help us accomplish true, lasting environmental protection and personal well-being.

Transforming ourselves and our culture will require a complete recalibration of our minds. Our values, our beliefs, our ways of nourishing ourselves, and even our language must change if we are to confront the climate emergency, restore Mother Earth, and redefine human happiness.

We are survivors of a damaged time. But the Andean people believe that a new time has arrived. The Spirit of the Glacier Speaks provides an opportunity to embrace this time and embody a more sustainable culture.


"Lushwala’s passionate prose is one of consciousness-raising ... An enlightening overview and argument highlighting the value of ancient wisdoms."
Kirkus Reviews

Author Biography

Arkan Lushwala was consecrated from a young age to be an Andean healer and ceremonial leader. One of his homes is the Sacred Valley of Cusco, in Peru, where he is a member of the Indigenous Community of Ccotataki. His other home is New Mexico where he has spent the last twenty years working in collaboration with elders of North American tribes in favor of the healing of people and Mother Earth. He is the author of three books on the power of Indigenous wisdom to address modern questions: The Time of the Black Jaguar, Deer and Thunder, and The Spirit of the Glacier Speaks.